Bursting the Blue State Fantasy that Gay Enclaves Are ‘Safe’ to Be Out

By: Monday May 27, 2013 11:27 am

In the past week NYC has been rocked by a few incidents of hideous violent attacks against gays and transgender residents. There have been shootings assaults outside gay bars and a brutal killing of Mark Carson in another shooting in the Village. Michelangelo Signorile, who also points out the unending violence against transgender residents that [...]

After Steubenville – Don McPherson, former NFL player, on toxic masculinity

By: Tuesday March 19, 2013 2:29 pm

There has been a lot of worthy essays written about this topic, but this effort caught my eye — “Former NFL quarterback Don McPherson challenges media response to Steubenville verdict,” part of  human rights group Breakthrough’s One Million Men, a campaign to engage men to end violence against women around the world. It was unreal to [...]

Our homegrown pro-rape culture is out and proud – from Steubenville to the expiration of VAWA

By: Sunday January 6, 2013 7:03 am

The coverage of the brutal crimes unveiling the pro-rape culture in India (and the women’s movement rising to oppose it), is welcome information to bring to Americans. While I’m sure a lot of people would like to think a gang-rape and beating on a bus is something so violent and savage that it couldn’t occur [...]

Bullies and a pile-up of victims — can we finally address our culture of aggression and violence?

By: Friday December 28, 2012 11:15 am

I saw an exchange on CNN this AM with a Utah gun advocate who is training teachers on use of firearms so they can pack heat in class. The hosts seemed stunned when the guy said that parents didn’t have a right to know whether the person teaching their kid is armed in school. BTW, [...]

Florida: man demanding faster service at Little Caesars shot by fellow customer, ‘Stand Your Ground’ cited

By: Wednesday December 19, 2012 11:51 am

Hmmm. And I just wrote a post about guns and the American rage culture. Here we go again, a case where two people would have a public argument over something as trivial as being annoying, hell, maybe even end up in a fistfight, end up with a gun drawn and fired as a problem-solving measure. Randall [...]

Guns, the American rage culture, and refusal to take mental health issues seriously

By: Saturday December 15, 2012 6:23 am

I hope that there is a fruitful discussion about how families and elected officials can focus on identifying and treating mental illness as a priority while we deal with the inevitable calls for more gun regulation on one side and guns in every hand on the other in the wake of yet another tragic violent [...]

Texas: male vice-principal spanks teen girl; leaves welts

By: Monday October 1, 2012 10:39 am

Why is this happening? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that this still goes on in Texas — parental-approved corporal punishment — but the reason it’s banned almost everywhere is because of the potential for outlandish violence perpetrated by an school administrator. This is what happened to Taylor Santos at Springtown High School, located northwest [...]

Southern Poverty Law Center responds to ‘license to kill’ charge by FRC’s Tony Perkins

By: Thursday August 16, 2012 5:43 pm

Sadly, Family Research Council’s honcho Tony Perkins took to the media today in an attempt to discredit the Southern Poverty Law Center’s accurate assessment of FRC as a hate group, charging that the organization gave shooter Floyd Corkins a license to shoot the security guard at its building in DC. SPLC responds - with facts: Yesterday’s [...]

The Family Research Council shooting and the impact of words and heads in the sand about violence

By: Thursday August 16, 2012 1:30 pm

Thank goodness that I’ve been offline all night and most of today. I needed time to reflect upon the tragic shooting at the Family Research Council, where 28-year-old gunman Floyd Corkins of Virginia shot a security guard Wednesday at organization’s Washington, D.C. offices. Yesterday — when there weren’t a lot of details available at that [...]

WTF from hate group spokesbot Bryan Fischer: neo-Nazi Sikh temple mass murderer is a liberal

By: Wednesday August 8, 2012 10:48 am

This goon Bryan Fischer, the director of issues analysis for the American Family Association (designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center),  is scrambling to spin that the racist piece of sh*te, Wade Michael Page, who blew away innocent Sikhs in their house of worship, cannot possibly share the same hateful world view as [...]

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