The Right’s loss of the culture war is in extreme slow motion; will it toss its extremists out? Doubt it.

By: Thursday January 3, 2013 10:17 am

The right wing is not going down without a long painful fight, thanks to the movement’s professional bigots, womb-controllers, religious zealots. Matt K. Lewis, ¬†senior contributor for The Daily Caller, seems to think the culture war is over. In recent months, it has been especially depressing to be a conservative. In the past, one could [...]

Civil Rights, Bathrooms, And The “Bathroom Bill” Meme

By: Saturday January 21, 2012 1:57 am

Civil rights movements — ones formed to address the oppression of minority populations — have often had significant pushback by societal oppressors that have included bathroom and/or significant shower components. Jim Crow states passed statutes severely regulating social interactions between the races. Jim Crow signs were placed above water fountains, door entrances and exits, and [...]

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