Religious right portrays Jason Collins as threatening black man who has ‘butt sex’

By: Thursday May 9, 2013 7:41 am

Apparently the religious right are upset to the point of insane distraction by the fact that NBA player Jason Collins came out of the closet. While the lgbt community, while still celebrating Collins’ decision to be open about his life, have pretty much moved to other matters, the religious right continue to castigate Collins. The [...]

Assemblies of God Lawyer Assures Pastors That They Can Legally Refuse to Conduct Same-Sex Marriages

By: Monday April 1, 2013 12:44 pm

In 2009 the Assemblies of God posted a video that seems to remain unacknowledged by opponents of marriage equality.  The video “Performing Same Sex Marriages” features Richard Hammar, General Counsel of the Assemblies of God, assuring AOG churches that their freedom to refuse to marry same-sex couples or to provide church facilities for same-sex weddings [...]

Cardinal Timothy Dolan Admits That The Catholic Church’s Opposition to Same-Sex Civil Marriage Is Anti-Gay

By: Sunday March 31, 2013 10:43 am

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, made a surprising admission during an interview this morning on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” that the church doesn’t know how to pursue it’s policy of opposing civil marriage for same-sex couples without being anti-gay. From the ABC [...]

NC: Rowan County Officials Erupt Over ACLU Lawsuit Challenging Its Official Public Prayers

By: Wednesday March 13, 2013 12:59 pm

Fundie Rowan County elected officials are out of control. (Raw Story): The group’s [ACLU] letter sparked a series of angry commentaries by commissioners, including an email by Commissioner Jim Sides who said he would “volunteer to be the first to go to jail for” the cause of official public prayer at government meetings. Subsequent meetings featured [...]

Same old, same old anti-gay bigotry from NOM-bought black pastor shell group

By: Tuesday March 12, 2013 3:04 pm

Gawd, these people are tiresome. The Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP), headed by Rev. William Owens, sent out an e-blast to its membership, trying yet again to build some momentum against marriage equality by driving a wedge between blacks and gays. (Conveniently rendering those of us who are black and gay, naturally). Here at the Blend we have written [...]

NOM’s Brian Brown to Get Honorary Degree From Non-Existent University

By: Monday February 25, 2013 2:35 pm

The anti-gay Coalition of African American Pastors has announced that National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown is scheduled to receive an “honorary doctorate of letters” this weekend.  The degree will be conferred by American Urban University. Except that American Urban University doesn’t seem to exist. According to Bizpedia, the president of American Urban University was [...]

Anti-Gay Pastor Launches Radio Show to Address “Idiocy” Of Fellow Radical-Right Christians

By: Sunday February 17, 2013 1:01 pm

Anti-gay campaigner and former televangelist Gary Randall is coming out of retirement to host a daily radio show which he hopes will help unite the warring factions within Washington state’s radical-right Christian wing. There has been much strife and conflict within the Christian community with various agendas at play on the most important and defining [...]

RI: Bishop Tobin’s Flock Calls Marriage Equality “Inmoral” and “Unnecesary”

By: Wednesday January 16, 2013 4:25 pm

During last night’s legislative hearing on Rhode Island’s marriage equality bill, opponents of the legislation held signs that appeared to be quoting Bishop Thomas Tobin. Last week, the bishop released a statement that began with the sentence: “The proposal to legalize “same-sex marriage” in the State of Rhode Island is immoral and unnecessary.” Judging by [...]

Sorry religious right, but the gay community isn’t buying what you are selling

By: Wednesday November 14, 2012 7:53 am

As far as I am concerned, it’s always a good thing when religious right figures trot their hypocrisies out in the public square. My only concern is that we as a community don’t take advantage of this more. Take former Family Research Council head Janet Parshall for example: The above excerpt is from a ridiculous [...]

Find the Seven Fallacies in Preserve Marriage Washington’s “Call to Pastors” Video

By: Sunday October 7, 2012 3:27 pm

Test your skill at detecting anti-gay activists’ false claims! Preserve Marriage Washington, the group opposing Referendum 74, the ballot measure that would affirm Washington state’s new freedom to marry law, recently released this “Call to Pastors” video.  Give it a listen and see if you can spot the seven false claims, then check your results [...]

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