Pro-equality Republicans get re-elected in Washington state

By: Friday November 26, 2010 9:00 am

Rep. Maureen Walsh Rep. Norm Johnson Rep. Maureen Walsh (R-Walla Walla) and Rep. Norm Johnson (R-Yakima) were heavily criticized by some in their own party for their votes last year in support of the Domestic Partnership Expansion Law of 2009 (SB 5866 & HB 1727).  Yet despite the best efforts of anti-gay activists in the [...]

Michele Strobel plays dumb over anti-gay attack ad

By: Sunday October 31, 2010 9:30 am

Recall if you will Michele Strobel, the anti-gay candidate who is challenging Representative Norm Johnson (R-Yakima) for his seat in the Washington state Legislature because Johnson co-sponsored the domestic partnership expansion bill in 2009.  Rep. Johnson has two gay sons.  Strobel, also a republican, announced her candidacy with this statement: “It was a slap in [...]

Yakima County republicans support the reelection of pro-equality legislator

By: Monday November 16, 2009 4:00 pm

State Rep. Norm Johnson (R-14th) was one of the 93 (of 147) Washington state legislators who voted last Spring for the 2009 domestic partnership expansion law (SB 5688).  SB 5688 made Washington state registered domestic partnerships parallel with civil marriage, and was ratified by over 53% of voters on November 3rd via Referendum 71. Johnson’s [...]

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