Is it A-OK for potential employers to ask for your Facebook password? Some think so.

By: Wednesday March 21, 2012 10:00 am

My reaction? Hell-to-the-NO. There are a couple of discussion questions here, but first read about this horror. When Justin Bassett interviewed for a new job, he expected the usual questions about experience and references. So he was astonished when the interviewer asked for something else: his Facebook username and password. Bassett, a New York City [...]

Lactating boobies in the workplace will kill job creation (and other signs of the womanapocalypse)

By: Thursday February 9, 2012 10:53 am

“Do you want [farming retailer] Tractor Supply to open stores or would you rather they take their capital and do what Obamacare and its 2,700 pages dictates – which is to open a lactation chamber at every single store that they have?” – Staples co-founder (and big Romney $upporter) Tom Stemberg on how female employees are [...]

R.I.P. Don Cornelius, creator — and owner – of cultural landmark known as Soul Train

By: Thursday February 2, 2012 6:45 am

Growing up in Durham, NC in the early 70s meant you weren’t exactly in touch with the latest fashion and dance grooves in The Big City, so it was a ritual to flip on your color TV and get an eyeful of fantasy — and some of the greatest musical acts (and upcoming talent) of [...]

The blind spot for iPhone lovers: why Apple builds them in China

By: Tuesday January 24, 2012 9:59 am

It’s never pleasant to point out progressive hypocrisy, but here it is, plain and simple. We love our techy gadgets, and for many of you, the level of iPhone/iPad/Apple devotion is something I can’t grasp (I’m a Droid girl, myself). I know plenty of progressive folks who wait on lines for hours outside of the [...]

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