NOM and the Death of Marcellus Andrews

Before the National Organization for Marriage set off on its 2011, Summer of Anti-Gay Hatred all over Iowa, it sponsored an anti-gay hate rally in the Bronx in May where a NOM-approved speaker told a mob of gay-bashers that homosexuals are “worthy to death.”

All summer long, NOM fanned the flames of anti-gay hatred, while getting major Republican presidential candidates to sign the maliciously anti-gay NOM pledge. Carried out in full, the NOM pledge would have a president forcibly annulling the marriages of all married gay and/or lesbian American couples, stripping them of their state-level legal protections with no regard for the well-being of any eventual children they might be raising.

NOM consistently disseminates psychopathic heterosupremacist gay-bashing propaganda claiming that acceptance of, and equality for gay human beings leads to the end of civilization. NOM also portrays gay human beings and equality supporters as mortal enemies of religious people and of God, (without ever acknowledging the validity of religious people who favor equality).

Having poisoned people’s minds against gay human beings in such ways since 2007, NOM undertook its deadly gay-bashing Summer of Anti-Gay Hatred, 2011 tour of Iowa.

On August 19, 2011, in Michele Bachmann‘s hometown of Waterloo, Iowa, the gay African-American 19-year-old Marcellus Andrews was beaten to death by anti-gay bigots who yelled “Faggot!” at him, as well as “Mercedes,” a feminization of his first name. A witness who was friends with Marcellus tried to pick him up, but one of the attackers came back and kicked Marcellus the “Faggot!” in the face. Marcellus was out to friends, but his family adamantly refused to accept that he was gay.  They refused to cooperate with any eventual investigations into his brutal murder as a hate crime, and that was one reason authorities local, state and federal never investigated it as one. Remember; NOM’s mastermind Princeton Professor Robert George thinks that 1) gays should be jailed for their intimacy; 2) gay-specific hate crime legislation and anti-bullying policies should not exist, and; 3) if gays won’t pray to Jesus to be magic-poofed into heterosexuals, they deserve whatever bad thing happens to them.  A vigil held in Marcellus’s name in Iowa, with his gay-bashing family present, did not even mention that he was gay, or that his murders yelled anti-gay slurs at him as they were beating him to death. This is precisely what NOM wants; for gay people’s own families not to acknowledge still less to accept that they are gay, or to think that they deserve civil rights as gay human beings. In its evil, scheming documents, NOM even details the means by which blacks are to be encouraged to feel that gays are the enemy, and vice-versa.

Recently released internal NOM documents do indeed  state that important goals of the anti-gay hate group have included driving a wedge between gays and blacks, and fanning the gay/black hostility in the wake of Proposition Hate in California. NOM’s resident bigot pig (Oink!  Oink!) Maggie Gallagher has even had the nerve to say that those creating a wedge between blacks and gays are “white liberals,” though African-American pastors have condemned NOM for its anti-gay bigotry. It isn’t expedient to NOM’s gay-bashing political goals for NOM to acknowledge that gay blacks exist, and that black hetero supporters of gay rights exist; so NOM simply doesn’t acknowledge their existence.

At the very least, NOM shares in having intensified hateful gay-bashing social conditions that led to Marcellus Andrews’s murder and his family’s extremely aggressive, denial-laden non-acceptance of him as a gay, African-American human being. It isn’t just that NOM wants to drive a wedge between African-Americans and a “white elite;” it’s that NOM’s bigot Schwein loose no sleep when they intentionally pit African-American families against their own LGBT family members.  If instead of all of its hate-mongering against gays since 2007, NOM had been organized to push for acceptance and equality, Marcellus’s own African-American family might have been accepting of him as the whole person that he was.  Moreover, thanks to what would have been the resulting, generally more accepting and humane social climate, his attackers might not have even have attacked, and certainly would have been less inclined to scream “Faggot!” and “Mercedes” at him.

The phrase “Blood on their hands” has a meaning.  NOM’s 2011 Summer of Anti-Gay Hate was book-ended by 1) a NOM-approved speaker telling a mob of gay-bashers that homosexuals are “worthy to death,” and 2) the August beating death of the 19-year-old gay African-American Marcellus Andrews, by attackers yelling “Faggot!” at him.




Princeton Still Enabling NOM’s Anti-Gay Lies, Hate, And Terror

Princeton University Professor Robert George — founder and Chairman Emeritus of the so-called “National Organization for Marriage” (NOM) — is in my opinion a malevolent, psychopathic political gay-basher incapable of feeling empathy for his victims.

The harm he has inflicted on innocent gay human beings is vast and incalculable. He commands the power to do all the harm he does, in no small measure through exploitation of his associations with the historically empowering Princeton University corporate brand name. The many anti-gay hate groups with which he is associated in turn draw no small amount of their power through George’s Princeton University associations. Chief Dull Knife College in Lame Deer, Montana, doubtless provides worthwhile educations to its students, yet if Professor George were teaching there instead of at Princeton, he would never have been able to rise to such prominence and influence as an academic gay basher and political gay basher, nor would all the anti-gay hate groups with which he so zealously associates himself be as eager to have him, or be able to gain all the power they do through all of their totally endless gay-bashing collaborations with him.

The better you understand that George’s power to gay-bash politically is rooted in his associations with the prestigious Princeton University corporate name, and that George’s presence brings a lot of gay-bashing political money into the vicinity of Princeton University, the better you understand how cowardly, selfish and despicable Princeton President Shirley M. Tilghman ( is for never publicly condemning George for his gay-bashing bigotry.

The heart of my criticism of Princeton President Tilghman and others on the Princeton Board of Trustees is that they would not allow a Princeton Professor to voice open hostilities against any other minority and to work against another minority’s human and civil rights unremarked, but Professor George gets a free pass on voicing open hostilities against gay human beings and working against their human and civil rights. They absolutely are complicit in his gay bashing. Their inaction in the face of his vile bigotry is a tacit confession that they consider LGBTers inferior to all other human beings and not deserving of the same respect and protections.

Princeton Professor Robert George does not even appear especially to deign to acknowledge that gay human beings exist. In his loathsome, prejudice-based, anti-scientific propaganda, a gay is a wayward heterosexual who committed the crime of homosexuality, or something.


NC: Cowardly Paul Coble, Wake County Bigot

Paul Coble — the notoriously anti-gay Jesse Helms‘s nephew —  Chair of the Wake County, NC County Board of Commissioners introduced and got passed a measure supporting the May 8 gay-bashing bigot ballot.

The vote was 4 – 3 with Republican bigots voting for, and Democratic human beings voting against.

Though many direct victims of irrational and hateful anti-gay bigotry came to urge a “No” vote, Paul Coble as a vicious bigot was impervious to their statements.

As a measure of how arrogant Coble is in his gay-bashing bigotry, consider that on his Facebook page, he posted this message:

“Marriage = One Man + One Woman. I am proud to stand and defend Amendment One and Traditional Marriage whenever detractors come calling.”

The human beings who attended Coble’s bigot vote, live, to express how they suffer because of his bigotry were not “detractors.”  They were human beings, even if Coble does not particularly give a damn about them or their rights.

At the time this reporter discovered the above statement on Coble’s FB page, a North Carolinian had left a comment under it to the effect of, “Coble, what a defense you give, deleting comments of those who disagree with you.  So much for participatory democracy.”  Somebody who was able to make an original post on Coble’s page said this: “Your performance as Chairman of the County Commissioners today was an embarrassment to democratic government. It is so sad to see an elected official abuse the public trust as you did over and over in today’s meeting.” Another said: “If you truly believed in limited government and freedom, you would never decide to act like King George and seek to legislate your beliefs onto others. Have you no Christ-like love for your fellow men?”  Still another said: “Very brave of you to stick up for Traditional Marriage, if that’s what you’re doing. One man, one woman, of the same race. That was the tradition until 40 years ago, wasn’t it?”

As previously reported on Pam’s House Blend, during Coble’s bigot vote, citizens had actually to demand that he look them in the eyes.  A political gay basher who can not even look his victims in their eyes is among the most despicable of cowards. To tell Coble what you think of his cowardly bigotry, you can e-mail him here:, call him here: 919-856-5577, find additional contact info for him here and leave a comment on his Facebook page here.

Coble is running for the U.S. Congress, with his gay-bashing bigot aunt the widow of Jesse Helms’s endorsement.  Jesse Helms once said this: “I was with some Vietnamese recently, and some of them were smoking two cigarettes at the same time. That’s the kind of customers we need!”  Helms also said this: “Mr. Clinton better watch out if he comes down here. He’d better have a bodyguard.” Even after the arch-bigot Helms retired, he said this: “if I were still in the Senate I would be doing everything I could to defend the sanctity of marriage.”

Now, his widow informs in her endorsement of Paul Coble that if people want a representative with Jesse Helms’s views, they should vote for Coble.  To tell the Coble for Congress campaign what you think, go here or call 919-345-9117 or 252-266-1059.

Glenn T. Stanton Is Endangering North Carolina’s Children

Glenn T. Stanton is an absolutely shameless huckster, very active, on a national level, to get the proposed North Carolina anti-gay marriage amendment passed.

Stanton’s title with his head organization, Focus on the Family, currently is “director for Family Formation Studies.”

The way Stanton works his tortured shtick, he fans the flames of anti-gay bigotry and then encourages the anti-gay bigots he inflames to “help him to do his work” by donating to Focus on the Family.

Though Stanton holds the title “director for Family Formation Studies,” he 1) is not credentialed or equipped to carry out scientific studies and 2) has repeatedly been repudiated for his outrageous anti-gay lies by professional associations of scholars and anthropologists.

In one among many instances of professionals expressing disapproval of Stanton for his lying hucksterism, Stanton fraudulently claimed that there was “a clear consensus of anthropologists”  in agreement that heterosexual coupling is the only healthy family unit. Go to this link to read about how Stanton was repudiated for his gay bashing lie by Bill Maurer, Chair of the Department of Anthropology of The University of California, Irvine.  Then go to this link to read a repudiation of Stanton’s anti-gay lies from anthropologist Patrick M. Chapman, Ph.D.  And you can also go to this link, to read a letter stating that the entire American Association of Anthropologists — which has 11,000 members — objects to Stanton’s anti-gay lies.


Tami Fitzgerald Of N.C. Values Coalition Could Be Endangering Children

Tami Fitzgerald ( is Executive Director of the so-called North Carolina Values Coalition.

The NCVC was founded in 2011 to politic in favor of the proposed anti-gay marriage amendment to the state constitution.

Though NCVC alleges it is “taking the initiative to preserve and promote families,” the welfare and psychological well-being of all gay people in whatever family arrangement is left entirely out of account.

And how is this for “values”?  The NCVC site says “We also believe that private business owners have the right to refuse service to customers on the basis of their religious faith.”

Go figure exactly what this “values” group intends with that.

Recently on its Facebook page, the North Carolina Values Coalition posted this statement; “legalizing gay marriage would take away the right of Christian psychologists to refuse treatment on the basis of their religious beliefs.”

What exactly does that mean?

I e-mailed Tami Fitzgerald, explaining that I was working on an article about this and wanted to be able to include quotes from her.

I asked 1) Which rights of Christian psychologists to refuse treatment was your organization referencing in the post?  2) In a general way, which rights for Christian psychologist does your organization most strongly want to see permanently protected?  3) Are you able to recommend any Christian psychologists in North Carolina that I might interview to gain an understanding of their viewpoint?  4) Can you refer me to any particularly good articles on that topic?

Fitzgerald refused to answer those questions.

Fitzgerald’s organization’s web site includes a video by Focus on the Family’s Glenn Stanton in which he alleges that everything professional modern medical associations say about sexual orientation is ‘wrong.” It defies belief that anybody could listen to Glenn Stanton for fifteen seconds without having the thought that he is a closet case. For reader reference, here is an article “Assessing Internalized Sexual Stigma (“internalized Homophobia”) in Sexual Minority Adults.”

Putting this all together now, we have Tami Fitzgerald as head of an organization that 1) challenges psychology on non-scientific grounds; 2) promotes a perhaps paranoid notion that “Christian psychologists” are going to have their rights taken away, if same sex marriage is legalized and 3) refuses to answer simple questions about her and her group’s understanding of “Christian psychology.” Elsewhere on the site one learns that NCVC is devoted to prayer and to “religious liberty.”  They obviously are not devoted to the “religious liberty” of pastors that wish to officiate at same sex marriages.

United States medical licensing boards license all mental health practitioners according to their medical credentials, not according to their religious beliefs.  What is more is that there are plenty of psychologists of Christian faith who are not anti-gay and do not consider that homosexuality is a state in need of a “cure.”

Tami Fitzgerald earned a Juris Doctor at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. She is not an idiot, and she is intellectually capable of understanding the basics of scientific method. But she has aimed for and achieved the leadership position of NCVC, is encouraging those donating the money to pay her salary to remain ignorant of many vital aspects of modern mental health treatment, and she refuses to explain herself and her organization vis-a-vis their comprehension of modern mental health care when offered an opportunity to do so.

The NCVC attitude towards gay human beings ipso facto causes psychological injuries to young gay people and many others impacted by it, and there is a strong appearance that in other ways, Tami Fitzgerald could be contributing to conditions that endanger child welfare in North Carolina and beyond. All appearances are that she prefers to stay “on message” with her organization’s anti-gay hate speech, over having those anti-gay attitudes examined in the light of scientific reason.

Listen once again to the pathetic and appalling Miss Thing in one of her anti-gay hate speech videos that NCVC has posted to its site. On his FB page, Glenn T. Stanton in addition to citing his association with Focus on the Family says that he is a “Senior Elite Cone Dipper at the Dairy Queen at the Mall” and FB friends with gay novelist Brad Gooch.


To Protect North Carolina’s Children, Vote Against The Marriage Amendment

The Southern Baptist Convention has a dirty little secret — and wants their very aggressive public war against gay North Carolinians to distract you from it.

It is known that there is a history of SBC child rapes.  . . but the public does not know nearly the full extent of the crimes . . . because the SBC leadership does not want the public to know the full extent of its child rape crimes.

One exceptionally courageous SBC child rape survivor, Christa Brown, has written a book about child rape in SBC churches and additionally maintains a website about SBC crimes of child rape,

After you’ve read Christa Brown’s book and website, start looking through comment threads where she has published articles on the topic of SBC child rape.

Many alleged victims fear that if they came forward, their Baptist communities would retaliate against them.

Brown herself has encountered some actual, and/or attempted retaliation from SBC members.

Where fear historically has been used to keep victims silent, you can be sure there are numerous victims.

And, after the SBC child rape problem started to come to light, the Southern Baptist Convention behaved dishonorably. SBC is centralized. But, faced with desperate pleas from survivors of child sex abuse — SBC leaders abdicated responsibility by saying that each SBC church has autonomy to deal with such issues as it sees fit.

To clarify what that means; Southern Baptist Convention leaders are aware of child rapes within their organization, but — out of whatever motivations — can not be bothered to take effective organizational action to provide maximal safeguards against additional child sex abuse crimes in Southern Baptist Convention churches.

And, it isn’t that the Southern Baptist Convention could not take centralized actions — applying to all of its member churches — if it wanted to. In 2006, for example, the SBC tightened its already severe strictures against acceptance of homosexual human beings. Among other new SBC rules then introduced and now in effect, any SBC church that accepts a gay member who does not “repent” of her/his homosexuality is to be booted out of the SBC fold. The whole Church kicked out of the SBC, for accepting one out gay human being in its congregation.

The contrast between 1) the Southern Baptist Convention’s disingenuous refusal centrally to help stop child sex abuse, despite pleas from child rape survivors,  and 2) its zeal to stigmatize gay human beings is stark.


Open Letter to the Publisher of the Charlotte Observer on facilitating civil debate on amendment

This letter by contributor Scott Rose is in response to the profile in the Charlotte Observer of Rev. Mark Harris, senior minister at uptown Charlotte’s First Baptist Church and head of the NC Baptist Convention, who claimed he would like a civil public debate about the constitutional amendment ballot initiative on May 8 that would bar gays and lesbians from civil marriage as well as negate any opportunity for civil unions and eliminate domestic partnerships where they have been locally established (see the PHB post). Ironically, this call for civility was followed up by the anti-LGBT organization North Carolina Family Policy Council’s use of a ‘sniper crosshair’ image to bash marriage equality. Scott wrote the Observer to request a series of columns to offer civil debate from both sides. Here is open letter on what transpired (or not). — Pam


Ann Caulkins (
President and Publisher
The Charlotte Observer

Dear Ann:

This is to express consternation and dismay that nobody at The Charlotte Observer has yet given me the courtesy of a response to my proposal for regular back-and-forth columns to run in your paper between now and the May vote on the proposed anti-gay marriage amendment to the North Carolina constitution.

Here is what prompted me to propose the back-and-forth columns to you:

On December 27, you published an article titled “Rev. Mark Harris; Pastor Hopes for ‘civil” marriage debate.”

Reading that article, it would appear that Harris could have scant actual desire to engage in debate. What he might actually intend, as your published report appears to suggest, is to propagandize against gay human beings between now and the vote. Your newspaper, I regret to have to articulate, misled readers with a headline stating that Harris hopes for debate on the topic. What is worse is that your misleading headline led into and then permitted Harris an opportunity to gay bash.

Right after the headline, you published Harris’s allegation of a “threatening” phone call he had received from an amendment opponent. Your newspaper used the word “threatening” to characterize the call Harris says he received, but then did not substantiate whether any threat had actually been made against Harris.  The general shape of a formula of a threat is “Do A or B will happen.”  Your article only reports that Harris was told that he “needed to stop “spewing hatred” toward homosexuals and their families.” Your reporter and writer David Perlmutt attempted to learn from Harris actual details of the alleged threat, it seems, but Harris did not supply those details. And nonetheless, you reported on the allegation as though it had been fact-checked and proven true.

Allow me, please, to show you how exceedingly easy it would have been to report more responsibly about Harris’s allegation. Instead of publishing that “the Rev. Mark Harris fielded a threatening voice mail” you should have published “the Rev. Mark Harris CLAIMS he fielded a threatening voice mail.”  Do you as a newspaper publisher comprehend the difference there?


The Greedy Gay-Bashing Bullies Of The Thomas More Law Center

In October of 2010, many public schools observed the first Spirit Day, which honors gay students lost to bullycide, and aims — through various means — to educate to reduce future LGBT bullycides.

In response to that first Spirit Day, many vicious anti-gay bullies lashed out in hatred.

Midland, Arkansas School Board Member Clint McCance took to a non-confidential Facebook forum and said “Seriously they want me to wear purple because five queers committed suicide. The only way im wearin it for them is if they all commit suicide. I can’t believe the people of this world have gotten this stupid. We are honoring the fact that they sinned and killed thereselves because of their sin.” McCance also said “being a fag doesn’t give you the right to ruin the rest of our lives. If you get easily offended by being called a fag then don’t tell anyone you are a fag. Keep that shit to yourself. I don’t care how people decide to live their lives. They don’t bother me if they keep it to thereselves. It pisses me off though that we make a special purple fag day for them. I like that fags cant procreate. I also enjoy the fact that they often give each other aids and die.”

In Michigan’s Howell High School, student Daniel Glowacki — who apparently is against all public school education programs that seek to vanquish ignorance-fueled, bullying non-acceptance of gay human beings — became disruptive in teacher Jay McDowell’s classroom. McDowell was exercising his discretion to make the focus of the day’s lesson in Economics the struggle against anti-gay bullies. Bigot critics say McDowell should have been teaching about economics – they of course ignore that when, through bullying ignorance, LGBT students are hounded out of achieving their full academic and professional potentials, they personally are negatively impacted economically and are not as productive as they otherwise would be for the economy generally.

McDowell asked a student wearing a Confederate flag in the classroom to remove it, whereupon Daniel Glowacki allegedly asked why the student could not wear the Confederate flag but people in the class could wear purple or display a Rainbow Flag for Spirit Day. I wrote “allegedly,” because various published accounts of what happened quote Glowacki differently apropos of what happened in class that day. The gist is that McDowell gave an explanation of what the Confederate flag and the Rainbow Flag symbolize.  In the ensuing back-and-forth between teacher and student, Glowacki, in the middle of a lesson aimed at educating to prevent LGBT bullycides said that because he is Catholic, he refuses to accept gay people.  Again — that is the gist of what happened. Unless somebody comes up with a tape recording from the classroom that day, no outsider can know for sure what was said.  The evidence in this is hearsay. In any event, McDowell felt that Glowacki had become disruptive and sent him to the school office.

The school principal disagreed with McDowell’s disciplinary action – and in fact disciplined McDowell, suspending him without pay for one day. McDowell filed a grievance and the school rescinded the penalty.  McDowell maintained he had acted appropriately to maintain order in his classroom.  He said this: “I believe any symbol or speech that can cause a student to sit in fear in the classroom whether or not there is an outward show of that fear is by its very nature a disruption to the educational process.”  Agreeing with McDowell, the Howell Education Association released this statement: “The Howell Education Association is dismayed that administrators have chosen to suspend and reprimand a teacher for upholding Howell High School’s very mission statement. We, the Howell Education Association, are proud that Mr. McDowell has the moral fiber and integrity to stand up to intolerant speech, as well as symbols of hate in our community and in our classroom.”

Glowacki and his mother Sandra Glowacki are now doubling down on their bullying non-acceptance of gay human beings.  Through the Thomas More Law Center – which describes itself as “The Sword and Shield for People of Faith” – the Glowacki family is suing the school and seeking to have the Howell Public School District’s anti-bullying policy declared unconstitutional.

A word about how the Thomas More Law Center operates is now in order. TMLC does not charge those it represents; it is publicly supported with donations. I, personally believe that the majority of cases TMLC files are legally bogus — and contrived mainly as fund-raising vehicles aimed at gullible suckers. TMLC’s 2009 tax form 990 — (the 990 is an IRS Tax Return from an Organization Exempt from Income Tax) — appears to show that the only case that year for which TMLC was awarded money by a court did not even cover the compensation that year to TMLC attorney Richard Thompson — $236, 572 — and TMLC attorney Robert Muise — $192,227. Attorneys operating on a contingency fee basis could not continue in practice this way — losing cases (and losing other people’s money) — unless they were independently wealthy. Readers should note that the TMLC attempts to hoodwink the public by saying it has been called “the Christian response to the ACLU,” even though the TMLC and the ACLU have come to the defense of some of the same jerks, for example, Pastor Terry Jones.

The Glowackis’ case is a humdinger, written as though in ignorance of all previous U.S. court cases involving public school students’ free speech rights. Nevertheless, TMLC is creating advertising copy out of the Complaint document, begging for blood money from political gay bashers. The document stinks of ignorance-fueled, Catholicism-based bullying non-acceptance of gay human beings. Though TMLC attorney Robert Muise has no knowledge of the reasons why Tyler Clementi committed suicide, he asserts in this court document that Tyler killed himself because he felt “Embarrassed and ashamed.” Totally without shame, the gay-bashing attorney Muise goes on to write that the purpose of the Howell schools’ anti-bullying policy “is to shift the blame, guilt, and shame felt by homosexuals onto those who oppose homosexuality on moral and religious grounds.”

That obnoxious bullshit might play well to the people from whom TMLC hopes to attract donations, but is so false in terms of the scientifically-ascertained human psychology of the matter as not to be dignified with an explanation of why it is total bullshit. An irony in this is that whereas the TMLC’s document asserts a Catholic right to bully and harass LGBT people in public schools with anti-gay, anti-scientific stuff and nonsense, the Catholic Bishops of Michigan withdrew support from the proposed Matt Epling anti-bullying law when Republican legislators tried to include a so-called “religious exemption” in it. In the Michigan Bishops’ opinion, religious liberty was not to be construed as an excuse to bully gay people in a public school.

Read Muise’s Complaint document. He repeatedly explains why Catholicism condemns homosexuality, as though the Catholicism-based bigotry would stand up to rational, non-theocratic examination and as though the Catholic Church did not have a very long and disgraceful history of bullying. Often in European history, for example, monarchs and/or governments would conspire with the Vatican to strip Jews of rights and to steal their property and to keep it for themselves. The Spanish Inquisition is but one example of that.  The Vatican’s art and manuscript collections include items apparently stolen from Jews. In 1466, Pope Paul II force-fed Jews and then made them run races naked through the streets of Rome for the amusement of his fellow Catholics. Yet that theocratic hierarchy and its followers have the towering nerve to claim that the Pope is “infallible.”  There is no legal validity to Catholic claims that homosexuality must be rejected, yet the suit the Glowackis are bringing against the Howell Public Schools would have you believe that there is.

Glowacki and his mother Sandra Glowacki deserve to be forcefully, widely and persistently ridiculed for bringing a lawsuit whose aim is to have a public school’s anti-bullying policy declared unconstitutional. Many media reports from around the time of Daniel Glowacki’s disruptions of Jay McDowell’s Spirit Day presentation have Sandra Glowacki alleging that her son Daniel is not a bigot and has gay friends — that he would defend them if they were harassed or attacked.  Daniel Glowacki too apparently told media that he is not bigoted against gay people.  If those statements then were sincere, then why are the Glowackis now bringing a lawsuit stuffed full with ghastly, unconscionable defamation of gay people?  The Complaint document says more than once that all homosexuals are leading a “destructive lifestyle.” Shame on Sandra Glowacki and Daniel Glowacki for authorizing for such a malicious, gay-bashing document to be presented in a U.S. court.  Shame! Shame directly and unendingly on Sandra Glowacki and her son for allowing that hateful dreck to serve as fund-raising advertising copy for the Thomas More Law Center. They should be asked how the gay Jewish Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger‘s lifestyle can accurately and legally be described as “destructive.”

And, for an adult wishing to enable high-schoolers to gay-bash on the documentably fraudulent allegation that all gay people live a “destructive lifestyle,” Sandra Glowacki had some nerve to publish on her MySpace profile that she is a smoker, exposing her own children to second-hand smoke among other crap.  Catholic students in public schools may no more harass LGBT students with hateful, ignorant, gay-bashing theocratic nonsense than they may tell Jewish students that they will go to hell for not accepting Jesus, and not have that despicable Catholic thing told to the Jewish students be considered harassment and bullying.  Where public schools have sexual-orientation-specific anti-bullying policies, they do not state that only attempted Catholic justifications for anti-gay bullying are disallowed; they state that all anti-gay bullying is disallowed.  And gay-bashing members of the public thinking of donating to the Thomas More Law Center should go examine TMLC’s yearly financials to get a clear-eyed view of what these huckster lawyers paying themselves $236,572 and $192,227 yearly are actually up to with the do-re-mi.



Christian Pastor’s Stinging Rebuke to the Anti-Gay “Concerned Women for America”

The so-called Concerned Women for America recently released a video with the fatuous gasbag Janice Crouse delivering a veritable greatest hits parade of fraudulent assertions demonizing gay human beings. Given that the alleged topic of the video is “The Challenges Facing Marriage in the 21st Century,” a viewer could wonder why Crouse deceitfully alleges that anal cancer is “very prevalent” among homosexuals.

CWFA describes itself as a “US coalition of conservative women which promotes Biblical values.” I spoke about this CWFA video with the Reverend Doctor Nancy E. Petty, Senior Pastor of Pullen Memorial Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“One of the actual threats to marriage in our society today,” Pastor Petty tells me, “comes from people misusing the Bible to define marriage. If you look at the Old and New Testaments, you will not get one picture only of what constitutes marriage. In fact, often in the Bible, men had numerous wives, and women were bought and sold as property. The claim that the Bible defines marriage for today is false.”

“It’s interesting,” Pastor Petty continues “to listen to how this woman — and others in the extreme right wing — spins marriage equality as something that supposedly undermines marriage. She talks first about co-habitation and promiscuity, as though these were not elements of the human condition.  And the statistics she uses, many of them strongly negative about gay people, don’t seem applicable to the arguments she’s trying to make, which I think are not well-founded. I don’t feel that Janice Crouse is a person interested in talking about how to strengthen commitment in relationships and how we as a society can support people’s commitments to each other. To the contrary, the things she talks about are tangential to that. She has taken an ideologically-driven position against same sex marriage and has chosen to use very divisive phrases to instill hatred and fear in people about this issue. She is saying these things from a place of hate and intolerance; that video is not at all about the substance of how to talk about and to encourage loving relationships.”

“It’s shocking, where she starts going on about social science, saying that equality supporters believe love is the only thing that matters, and that the field of social science contradicts this idea. There are many heterosexual marriages where one spouse is abusing the other, and the children too are being abused, so I’m not sure I understand how that woman can claim that what’s most important for marriage is not love but rather that the couple is heterosexual.”

Crouse indeed maliciously portrays gay human beings as being virtually incapable of long-term commitment. Readers should be sure to note this article on a gay couple recently married in New York after a 52-year relationship.

Pastor Petty continues “The real assault on marriage is to be found in right-wingers’ support of inequality within marriage, with a man given more power than a woman. If you look at what Jesus said about relationships, he calls us into relationships that are loving, just, compassionate and equal. Where Crouse says that love is not the most important thing in a marriage, her argument is morally, spiritually and ethically bankrupt. The real assault on marriage is Crouse’s use of hateful language spoken in a total void of what love means. For obvious reasons, it does not work well, generally, for a homosexual person to marry a heterosexual one. Where one social group, feeling itself superior, is beating another group down in order to get ahead, that is not talking about what is of value in loving commitments, and it certainly is not an authentically Christian way of being. The foundational Christian message is to love one another.”

In conclusion, Pastor Petty says “When it pops up on that video, Concerned Women for America . . . . well . . . . this is one woman that they are not representing.” To view the signatures of dozens and dozens of other clergy for whom the maliciously anti-gay Concerned Women for America do not speak, go here.


African-American Pastor Rebukes NOM’s Anti-Gay Bigotry

On November 14, Jennifer Roback Morse of the so-called National Organization for Marriage’s Ruth Institute — (an anti-gay hate speech propaganda factory) — took malicious aim at a Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services publicity campaign to promote awareness among gay people that they may foster and/or adopt children in need of homes,

Morse’s screed is chocablock with bullying non-acceptance of gay human beings. With no sense of shame or decency, Morse attempts to depict gay adoptive parents as enemies of all African Americans. Having noticed that the two children shown in the campaign’s promotional banners are black, Morse wrote: “I wonder what the African-American community thinks about recruiting gay men to become foster parents for the children of their community who have been taken from their parents. Do the African-American pastors have any thoughts and opinions about this? I imagine they do. But I will let them speak for themselves.

To me, Morse’s expression of the idea that gay people are out to get other people’s children was suggestive of the notorious blood libel, whereby Jews were said to kidnap Christians’ children to use their blood to make matzo.

Pastor Michael Bledsoe of Riverside Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.  — an adjunct professor at the Howard University School of Divinity —  however, told me in an e-mail that Jennifer Roback Morse’s…

“article is offensive on many levels. That said, I’m not sure the blood libel analogy is appropriate. I think it sufficient for you to point out the ludicrous nature of her lie that children are being taken from their parents to give to gay couples.  The more accurate reference she is likely trying to pull from is slavery where children were separated from families. But of course, this is a smear aimed at shamelessly exploiting what was a horrific time in this nation when indeed slave families were torn asunder. Adoption is the voluntary giving up of a child because the mother or parents do not want the child or cannot take care of it. In my own congregation, I have watched with delight as a lesbian couple adopted a child, saved him from a life of meager resources and are nurturing him with love and devotion.  He is a joy to behold.  Each Sunday, he interacts with me and each time I see him, I embrace his parents, thanking God for their love of this child. I dedicated him in our church with his adoptive parents as I would do for any other couple.  The Roback piece is ignorant, exploitive and hateful. “

Though Jennifer Roback Morse ( had wondered whether African-American pastors had thoughts and opinions about the adoption program, she did not respond to my request for comment on Pastor Michael Bledsoe’s assessment of her anti-gay hate screed. That request for comment was copied to NOM’s Maggie Gallagher and to NOM’s Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Princeton Professor Robert George.  Apparently, Professor George and his anti-gay-hate-speech enablers on the Princeton University Board of Trustees see nothing wrong with demonizing gay people by fraudulently insinuating that gay adoptive parents are stealing babies from African-American families.