Open Letter to CNN’s Mark Whitaker, in re: CNN Site Advertorial by NOM’s Brian Brown


Mark Whitaker
Executive Vice-President
Managing Editor

Mr. Whitaker:

You appear to be in violation of journalistic ethics.

On the CNN site, you published an advertorial — by the National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown — without marking the advertorial as an advertorial.

NOM is making money from its advertorial, while CNN simultaneously is making money off of major-company advertising that appears around the margins of NOM’s advertorial and in the banner space above it.

This would not be an ethics problem, necessarily, had you clearly marked the advertorial as an advertorial, instead of describing NOM’s Brian Brown as being “Special to CNN,” as though he were a reporter rather than what he really is, a businessman, like you.  For reference, see John Bethune’s post “Content’s Evil Twin; Advertorial.”

Note that you labelled NOM’s advertorial as a “story” and that you placed near the top left of the advertorial text, outtakes that you labelled “Story highlights.”  That certainly violates journalistic ethics, as this advertorial in its body text does not even remotely attempt to pretend it is “a story.”  The more one examines the evidence, the more it appears that CNN presented political advertising as though it were a “story.”

Many are the ways, actually, in which it is apparent that the NOM-CNN advertorial is, as a matter of fact, an advertorial, political advertising, a sales pitch for Brian Brown’s NOM, a politics-based business.

One identifying characteristic of an advertorial is an attempt to pass off fake news as real.

NOM’s advertorial is titled:  “N.C. gay marriage vote spells the end of Obama.”  That was published on May 16. A Fox News poll conducted on May 15 had Obama leading Romney by 7 percentage points. No poll conducted that same week had Romney leading Obama outside the survey’s margin of error.

That Brian Brown used his advertorial headline to 1) deceptively exaggerate the national political portent of the amendment vote in North Carolina in order to 2) promote his business, NOM, is evident in 3) this phrase from his advertorial: “The National Organization for Marriage, which I head, helped lead the North Carolina campaign.”

Brown’s advertorial text, moreover, evidences obvious SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. The keyword “defining,”  for one example, with its close alternates “redefining” and “definition” occurs ten times in the text, at the intervals that SEO marketers typically describe as being optimal.

Often, advertorials are placed to promote a business, though there is no immediate opportunity for a patron to give that business money. Brown’s CNN advertorial, by contrast, was quickly re-published and linked to on the NOM site, where the “Donate!” tab is top center, and where Brown routinely publishes gay-bashing fund raising letters. The NOM blog re-published a portion of Brown’s advertorial and then linked back to the CNN site, where NOM blog readers could then participate in enriching CNN, through online advertising metrics — page views, click throughs, et cetera — that you doubtless understand quite well.


Open Letter to U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan – in re: Gay-bashing of Students, and Darnell “Dynasty” Young


Arne Duncan
U.S. Secretary of Education

Dear Secretary Duncan:

This is to demand that you start holding school administrators, teachers and staff accountable when they do not uphold laws that are supposed to protect LGBT students’ rights to a fear-free learning environment.

Your current modus operandi in the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights is virtually never to hold public school gay-bashers accountable.

That has simply got to change.

The Anoka-Hennepin settlement held no school officials accountable for enabling gay bashers in violations of students’ rights under Title IX. The terms of the settlement, moreover, left gay bashers free to gay bash during school Board meetings.  In a letter of appeasement to an adult gay-basher, the president of the Anoka-Hennepin School Board boasted that the settlement did not commit the school district to any policy changes.

In the Flagler, Florida public schools, gay teen Luke Herbert was subjected to 1) anti-gay stalking, 2) anti-gay death threats, 3) repeated anti-gay assaults, including one in which an anti-gay thug crashed his head into cement on school grounds, with many witnesses present, 4) a teacher-led campaign of criminal anti-gay harassment and retaliation, and umpteen additional illegal gay-bashing activities — and yet when OCR investigated — despite its having been given copious and meticulous records of the gay-bashing, and of the school administration’s having retaliated against the victim instead of punishing his tormentors — OCR granted Flagler Superintendent Janet Valentine’s request for a “no-fault” resolution of the complaint. It can not go unmentioned here that Floyd Binkley, the teacher who led an anti-gay torture campaign against Luke Herbert, has a wife who works as Superintendent Valentine’s executive secretary. Luke was as a good as thrown out of the public school system — though he had done nothing wrong — and to this day has yet to be placed in a learning environment appropriate to his earning a high-school diploma.

At Indianapolis’s Arsenal Technical High School recently, gay student Darnell “Dynasty” Young was subjected to routine gender-based criminal harassment, about which the school did nothing. Young’s mother repeatedly tried to get the school to uphold the law so her son would be safe, but the school never took action to end the criminal harassment directed against Young.  Fearing for his safety, Darnell’s mother gave him a pocket-sized stun gun.  One day in Arsenal Technical High School”s public areas, a gang of gay-bashing thugs threatened Darnell; he let off a warning shot in the air with his stun gun. For that, he has been expelled, while all of his anti-gay tormentors remain in the school.

That is the outrageous, established pattern. When LGBT victims of anti-gay criminal harassment in public schools are not driven to suicide, they are driven out of the schools while their tormentors remain in the public school systems.

In Darnell Young’s case, his school Superintendent Eugene White, Communications Director Mary Louise Bewley, and Principal Larry Yarrell blitzed their local media with a public relations smoke screen but refused to answer national reporters’ Socratic questions related to why they had allowed Darnell Young’s gay-bashing tormentors to continue tormenting him in the school.

Instead of punishing Darnell’s bullies, the school engaged in victim blaming, advising him to “tone down” his clothing and accessories.  Indiana Department of Education spokesman Alex Damron told me that the Department “believes that victim blaming is wrong.”  Damron also said “we have sent a letter to the local principal and district Title IX monitor notifying them of the potential issue, providing guidance regarding the requirements of Title IX and contact information for the U.S. DOE OCR.”

Pretty words, that — as usual — say nothing about enforcement and accountability.

The appearance is that the school administrators had not discussed with the School Board members the tortures being inflicted on Darnell Young, with a mind to holding his bullies accountable. After Darnell was expelled, one Board member told me “I am very sorry this young man has been bullied and has suffered.  As a board member I promise to obtain all the information I can on the matter and use that information to proceed further.”  Another School Board member told me that “it is my opinion the school administration failed to conduct a detailed investigation about the alleged incidents of bullying and failed to follow IPS policies and procedures.” She also said “based on the information I have received, we have violated the civil rights of one particular student.”

Sharon Lettman-Hicks, Executive Director of the National Black Justice Coalition said “I am horrified at the fact that the school has done absolutely nothing to protect this young man who was bullied and attacked for who he is. You can’t call for Dynasty to be expelled but not hold your own administration accountable for not addressing this type of harassment.”

How about it, United States Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan?

When will you direct those under you in your Department to hold gay-bashing school administrators, teachers and staff accountable for breaking laws by allowing LGBT students routinely to be tortured in public schools?

PS — after Darnell’s unjust suffering was reported widely in his area, he was attacked and beaten by an anti-gay thug at a local mall. Had his school officials acted to discipline his bullies in a first instance, that never would have happened.



The N.C. Amendment, the Carolina, and the Holocaust

News that the neo-Nazi group World Wide White Pride had endorsed Amendment One — the Bigot Ballot — serves as a reminder that even the Holocaust did not eliminate the worst of irrational, religion-based prejudices. The WWWP website routinely re-hashes WWII history, from a point of view sympathetic to Hitler and his aims.

It therefore is profoundly disturbing that in an anti-amendment editorial, the N.C.-based News and Observer alleged that gay-bashing bigots who use religion as an alibi for their gay-bashing “deserve respect.” What is next? Will the News and Observer editors say that the hateful views of religious anti-Semites “deserve respect”?

What are the roots of this anti-human gay-bashing justified through religion?

One root is found in the coincidentally-named Constitutio Criminalis Carolina, promulgated by Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor who alleged that his power came from God.

The Carolina, as it is often called for short, was a legal code, which had this to say about homosexuals: “The punishment for fornication that goes against nature. cxvj. When a human commits fornication with a beast, a man with a man, a woman with a woman, they have also forfeited life. And they should be, according to the common custom, banished by fire from life into death.” Be it noted: the etymological roots of the anti-gay pejorative “faggot,” a word which also means “kindling wood for fires,” stems from the practice of burning gay human beings alive.

The Carolina directly influenced later German laws, including the notoriously anti-gay Section 175.  As power shifted among various of the German-speaking regions, the gay-bashing laws would get variously written.  In 1872, the penal code of the North German Federation said this: “Unnatural fornication, whether between persons of the male sex or of humans with beasts, is punished with imprisonment, with the further punishment of a prompt loss of civil rights.” Today’s religious gay-bashing bigots do not even wait for a homosexual to be found guilty before depriving her or him of civil rights.


“Beat-Your-Gay-Kids” N.C. Pastor Sean Harris can’t even keep his excuses straight

As word spread — and shocked outage grew — that North Carolina Pastor Sean Harris has been instructing parents to beat their children if the children seem homosexual and/or non-gender conforming, Harris and his Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina are too stupid to get their damage control straight.

Harris the baby beater told the Fayetteville Observer that he was “joking” when he told parishioners to break their gay son’s limp wrists.

But the Berean Baptist Church’s Business Manager Carinda Kerr told this reporter that when Pastor Harris instructed parishioners to beat their gay and/or gay-seeming children, it was “hyperbole.”  Kerr explained: “Jesus said, “if the right eye offends you, pluck it out.”

Isn’t that helpful?  The gay-bashing preacher claims he was joking, while his church’s business manager says he was acting in the spirit of Jesus!

We don’t even know if the church wants the world to think that Pastor Harris was joking or speaking like Jesus when he instructed his parishioners to beat children.

Asked for comment, a spokesperson for North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue said: “This absolutely is connected with the marriage amendment, which the governor is on record as opposing. The amendment campaign has unleashed all kinds of hateful things across the state.”


New NOM Hate Video Features African-American Gay Bashers

In response to criticism of its deliberate strategy of attempting to pit African-Americans against gays, NOM is attempting to pit African-Americans against gays.

NOM’s new gay-bashing hate video is titled “Is Gay Marriage a Civil Right? African-American and Latino Leaders Speak for Themselves.”

For its gay-bashing hate video, NOM did not interview any African-American and Latino leaders who favor LGBT equality.

You read that right; NOM has not posed the question “Is gay marriage a civil right?” in order to provide an objective answer to that question. It has posed the question in a hateful propagandistic attempt to rile African-American and Latino anti-gay bigots up against gay people, to fan, disgracefully, hostilities between the minorities.

NOM and its supporters are scumbag anti-gay bigots.

NOM’s Maggie Gallagher is a lying scumbag. NOM’s Robert George is a lying scumbag.

NOM’s latest hate video lies about civil rights, and lies in implying that no African-American or Latino leader supports LGBT equality.

The phrase “The Civil Rights Movement” does in the United States most commonly refer to the gradual undoing of the racial apartheid system. However, civil rights are universal, whether any particular society is granting them to everybody or not.  Civil rights do not belong exclusively to African-American anti-gay bigots, nor do African-American anti-gay bigots, or anti-gay bigots of any race, have any authority to evaluate whether a right for gay human beings is a civil right.  Examples of civil rights movements in the United States pre-dating that which undid the racial apartheid system abound.  Jews, for example, did not have the vote in Maryland until 1825; and even then, they had to sign a paper saying they believed in the afterlife.

The anti-Jewish bigots of that time believed that Jews had no civil right to vote, just as anti-gay bigots of our time believe that a homosexual person has no civil right to marry a person of their same sexual orientation. Yet, for American Jews prohibited from voting, voting was a civil rights issue.  And, today, for gay people prohibited from marrying a person of their same sexual orientation, marriage is a civil rights issue.

NOM is so shameless with its gay-bashing bigotry, that this latest hate video includes footage from last May’s anti-gay hate rally in the Bronx, where a NOM-approved speaker told a mob of gay-bashers that homosexuals are “worthy to death.”  Present at the anti-gay hate rally, wearing a pimp’s outfit, was the arch-bigot Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr.  He screams at the crowd that in New York, marriage equality was pushed in people’s noses by the legislature and the courts, even though his own son Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. supports equality, and his lesbian grand-daughter Erica Diaz published an article in the New York Post condemning her grandfather’s bigotry. Creating a further impression that he is profoundly ignorant, Diaz whipped the crowd of gay-bashers into a frenzy “Let the people vote for it.”

Civil rights are civil rights; there is no legitimate voting by bigots on whether civil rights should be allowed to the object of their bigotry.

NOM”s video features a hit parade of bigots, not acknowledging that there is no legitimate voting against civil rights. Reverend Patrick Wooden, who has suggested that this publication’s editor Pam Spaulding needed a so-called “corrective rape” to make her sexually happy with a man, and has in one million additional ways proven himself to be a gay-bashing bigot, says in NOM’s video that African-Americans are overwhelmingly against LGBT equality.  Again with that erroneous idea that a bigot block can legitimately vote down a hated minority’s civil rights.

Other homo bigots shown in NOM’s hate video include the ethically-challenged, violence-inciting Pastor Herbert Lusk, saying that neither same-sex marriage nor homosexuality can be considered civil rights. Note that Lusk’s ethically-challenged relationship with the Bush administration echoes that of NOM’s lying sack of gay-bashing bigotry Maggie Gallagher. (Gallagher has yet to comment about this article enumerating her gay-bashing lies. She has not commented on it, because she is a lying scumbag anti-gay bigot). Lusk’s thought  — that homosexuality itself is not a civil right — is in line with that of NOM mastermind Robert George, who wrote a Supreme Court brief arguing that gay people should be jailed for their intimacy. In these sick bigots’ minds, twisted with hate, (which they should be discussing with competent therapists), the freedom of association does not extend to gay people having a right to be intimate with each other.

At the end of NOM’s bigot parade, arch-bigot George D. McKinney is heard ranting about how African-American anti-gay bigots must not let LGBT equality supporters “steal” civil rights.

McKinney evidently has not heard that the National Black Justice Coalition says that Bayard Rustin “was a proud Black gay man who was an indispensable architect of the Civil Rights Movement.”

The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act is named for one white gay, and one black victim of ignorance-fueled bigotries.

That law involves protection of the basic civil right, not to be murdered because you are a particular minority member. (Hater Harry Jackson, who figures in NOM’s gay-bashing video — fraudulently alleging that LGBT rights supporters are “hijacking” civil rights — was fiercely opposed to the James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crime Prevention Act).

NOM’s gay-bashing hate video, by a most revealing, characteristic contrast to the Matthew Shepard Act, includes footage from a NOM hate rally where bigots were told that homosexuals are “worthy to death.”

Neither NOM nor anybody in NOM’s bigot parade has any authority to evaluate whether marriage equality is a civil right.

It is.

Watch the video at that link. It shows a Faith Press Conference headed by the African-American Reverend Dr. T. Anthony Spearman, an equality supporter.

Now watch this video of North Carolina NAACP leader Reverend William Barber condemning the proposed anti-gay, anti-human bigot ballot in his state. The African-American Reverend Barber says “Far right forces are trying to roll back civil rights.” Listen as Barber issues his scathing condemnation of NOM and other far-right haters and officious manipulators.

The integrity, intelligence, and decency of Barber’s statement puts every sleazebag character in NOM’s gay-bashing hate video to shame.

NOM itself is sleazy and shameful for titling its hate video “Is Gay Marriage a Civil Right? African-American and Latino Leaders Speak for Themselves” without giving Reverend Spearman and Reverend Barber a chance to speak in it. At this link you can read the African-American Pastor Michael Bledsoe’s rebuke of NOM’s anti-gay bigotry.

Sleazy. Shameful. NOM.


The Office of Civil Rights lets gay-bashing Flagler, Florida school administrators off the hook

Out gay student Luke Herbert — now 17 — suffered a blazing, screaming hell of abuses in the Flagler County, Florida public schools between 2008 – 2011.

Gay-bashing bullies jeered “Fag!” and “Cock sucker!” at him during his bus rides. Though Flagler policy requires drivers to report such incidents, with offenders disciplined — none of that, apparently, ever happened. Luke was abandoned to facing his school bus rides in fear, only because he was gay.

When a bully stalked Luke home, hoisted him high up into the air and then crashed him to the ground in front of his house, Luke and his mother Dorene Striffler Davenport filed a police report, but the police said that without witnesses, they could do nothing.

The perpetrator was not unknown to Sheriff’s Deputy Calvin Grant, whose regular beat as a School Resource (Police) Officer is Flagler Palm Coast High School. Grant had attended Flagler schools; he likely would personally know parents of some current students. Might he be personal friends with the parents of Luke’s first attacker? Dorene says that on school grounds, when she was talking with Assistant Principal Travis Lee and Deputy Grant, Luke’s first assailant was pointed out. According to Dorene, Grant told her not to complain about the student attacker, because he was a known gang member who knew where she lived.

To re-iterate what Dorene says took place; a school administrator, Travis Lee, and the Sheriff’s Deputy assigned to the school, Calvin Grant were together, intimidating Dorene against pressing charges against a student who had attacked Luke.

The gang member who attacked Luke, evidently is friends with another of Luke’s anti-gay, criminal tormentors. As part of this other hoodlum’s illegal cyber-stalking of Luke, he sent Luke a Facebook message “it’s funny how you didn’t show up today so i can tell you everything i had to say to you but now i know why, words going around that you got beat up last friday and started crying like the punk you are HAHAHA BUT IMMA STILL GET YOU, BEAT DOWN.”

Where Luke’s criminal tormentor wrote that — “words going around that you got beat up last friday” — reference was to the Friday gang member attack against Luke. Where the thug said “It’s funny how you didn’t show up today,” Luke had stayed away from school for fear of attack. This particular gay-bashing hoodlum was in Luke’s science class, where he routinely led other students in harassing Luke for being gay. With teacher Patricia Bardua as witness, the students mocked Luke as a “Zit-faced faggot!”, and pejoratives still crueler than that. Florida actually has strong anti-bullying legislation, “The Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act,” named for bullycide victim Jeff Johnston. And, Florida has a model anti-bullying policy, which largely follows Jeff’s law (meaning, many anti-bullying policy violations could be criminal).  Yet, obviously, the laws and the policies do not protect students, when administrators don’t fully implement the policies and then follow the laws. Not only did Bardua not take effective action; a guidance counselor, alerted to the abuse, also did nothing effective.


NOM’s Robert George “OK” With Beating-the-Gay Out of Young LGBTers

The notorious gay-bashing bigot Pastor Ken Hutcherson is in league with NOM in Washington State, spreading anti-gay lies, attempting to strip gay human beings of rights, and inciting to anti-gay violence.

Hutcherson recently told KCTS television that just as two parents with belts can beat the criminal gene out of their offspring, “discipline . . . removes the gay gene.”

For a pastor to promote domestic violence is horrifying. When you consider how hard some people work trying to stop domestic violence, and to attempt against the odds somehow to restore the shattered lives of the victims, many of whom suffer from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it is surreal that a hate-mongering pastor would, on television, promote domestic violence.

Hutcherson smiles like the smug bigot he is when he is prescribing anti-gay domestic violence. But consider this; In 2005, the three-year-old Ronnie Paris, Jr.’s father beat him to death because he believed he was going to turn out gay.

Domestic violence anti-gay murder is only one negative possible result of NOM’s associate Hutcherson’s public promotion of domestic violence against gay family members.

Do not fail to notice the sheer obnoxious idiocy of Hutcherson’s reasoning. In the interview — (his segment begins at about the 37 minute mark) — Hutcherson first says that there is no proof that gay people are born gay, but then he instructs parents to remove “the gay gene” by beating homosexual offspring with belts.

Domestic violence is not acceptable. Beating a gay person does not remove “the gay gene” from them, as Hutcherson fraudulently and hatefully alleges.

And, of course, when school-age anti-gay bullies hear an adult saying that it is possible to beat “the gay gene” out of somebody, those anti-gay bullies are motivated to carry out violent attacks against students actually gay and/or perceived to be gay.

I spoke with Ken Hutcherson for this article. He started by alleging that the TV interview had been spliced, to make it appear he was saying things he had not actually said. However, in alleging that, he was being duplicitous. The grotesque anti-gay bigot is so blinded by his gay-bashing ignorance, that he is not even able to understand how ignorant he is. He plainly feels fully justified in his bullying non-acceptance of gay human beings. He re-iterated his statements made in the TV interview, likening criminals and gay people. I attempted to get a clear statement from him that he does not advocate violence against gay people. At one point, he said “You can talk with any of my children. They may have gotten little raps from a belt, but they were never beaten; it was just to keep them in line. Now, that does not mean that they can not choose for themselves. If they want to choose the homosexual lifestyle, they can do that, they can choose unbiblically, but they will not be welcome in our house, because we do not accept sin in our home.” I then explained to Hutcherson that he was reinforcing, not lessening the impression that he thought that threats of violence, and/or actual violence against gay people are acceptable.  I told him that it is psychological violence for a parent to reject a gay child, and that to intensify the psychological anti-gay violence with physical violence is barbaric. I told him that such brutal parental rejections explain disproportionate homelessness among gay youth. Hutcherson then launched into a ludicrous off-topic diatribe about how he has gay friends, and how no church in the country has as many people who have “left the homosexual lifestyle” as his.  I told him that I had heard quite enough. I had received confirmation that he does indeed think that you can and should hit a gay child with a belt, and that by hitting the child with a belt, to reinforce the psychological aspects of anti-gay domestic violence, the child won’t be gay.

This sadistic bigot is a monster and a pig, promoting anti-gay domestic violence. He meant exactly what he said during the television interview; nobody had spliced his gay-bashing meaning into it. Let us spell out, for clarification, what a gay child in Hutcherson’s house would experience. The sexual minority child would understand that the parents considered him to be a “sinner” and like a criminal, because of the way in which s/he was different. The child would understand that any evidence that they were a member of a sexual minority could and indeed, would result in psychological and then physical violence, and that if the physical violence did not prevent them from somehow again manifesting that they were a member of a sexual minority, they would be tossed out of the house, no matter their age or ability to survive, to have housing and food.  An eventual gay child in the Hutcherson house would be forced to try to survive in a reign of domestic terror, with a bullying, tyrannical theocrat father alleging celestial authority for keeping the child living in that state of fear, only because s/he was a sexual minority. As with all forms of domestic violence, anti-gay domestic violence is not love; it is a crime. An abuser’s justifications — (God said I should psychologically and physically abuse my lesbian daughter) — and victim blaming (You as a lesbian are like a criminal, therefore, you deserve for your father to abuse you) — while characteristic of abusers, are in themselves, part and parcel of the abuse, and never valid.

Because the National Organization for Marriage is collaborating with Hutcherson in Washington State, and frequently posts his gay-bashing statements approvingly on NOM’s blog, NOM, if it will not condemn his calls for domestic violence against LGBTers, is complicit in those calls for domestic violence.

I requested comment from NOM’s Founder, Chairman Emeritus, and mastermind the Princeton Professor Robert George.  I received no reply. The e-mail was copied to NOM’s Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown and John Eastman. Additionally, it was copied to Princeton President Shirley M. Tilghman, who permits George to publish gay-bashing lies with the Princeton name attached, even though doing so violates Princeton’s Code of Conduct.

It is crucial to understand that, definitively; 1) the gay-bashing religious right, and 2) the Republican establishment are inseparable powers.

Romney signed Robert George’s NOM’s anti-gay pledge. George wrote a Supreme Court brief saying that gays should be thrown in jail for their intimacy. George also is on the Board of the Family Research Council, an SPLC-certified anti-gay hate group. When a congressman proposed a resolution against the “Kill the gays” law in Uganda, Robert George’s FRC spent $25,000 lobbying against the resolution, on the grounds it constituted “pro-homosexual promotion.” NOM sponsors anti-gay hate rallies, where NOM-approved speakers tell mobs that homosexuals are “worthy to death.” George’s NOM is pushing a Starbucks boycott in the Middle East, fanning hostilities against gay human beings there with no regard for their safety.

So it is hardly surprising that NOM’s Robert George will not denounce Pastor Ken Hutcherson for promoting anti-gay domestic violence.

But it should be out there — as a topic of consideration — that NOM’s Robert George is OK with, not just praying away the gay, but additionally, with beating away the gay. If George wants to clarify his position on anti-gay domestic violence, he knows how he can e-mail this reporter.

John Boehner recently appointed NOM’s Robert George to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom. I interpret that appointment as Boehner’s signal of intent to expedite the NOM pledge, should Romney win, and to devastate LGBT rights worldwide. On Bush’s watch, in 2007, Hutcherson attended an anti-gay-rights conference in Latvia.

No child deserves to be beaten — by their own parents — because they are gay. Hutcherson is making a direct incitement to anti-gay violence. In his hateful fatuousness, he says that he was born black, but gay people were not born gay. What he might consider, is that black people have been beaten only because they were black, and he now is instructing parents to beat their children only because they are gay. What Hutcherson is saying is a lie.  No matter how much a parent might beat a gay child, their gay child will still be gay. The gay child, beaten, might live in fear, and never talk about the reality of their orientation; but a gay child absolutely can not be made heterosexual through a beating.It is not OK for parents to beat gay children.

It is not OK for Romney and Boehner to be politically and materially supporting an anti-gay movement whose leader, Robert George, is directly allied with a major, appallingly ignorant anti-gay bigot who promotes anti-gay domestic violence.



Romney and NOM Fanning Hostility Against Israel

When the so-called National Organization for Marriage recently — once again — took its anti-gay intimidation campaign international with a Starbucks boycott — (inciting to violence against LGBTers, as well as against Starbucks employees and property) — only because Starbucks supports human rights for gay people — it translated its anti-gay hate speech into Arabic and posted it on the internet.

Subsequently, Saudi Arabia banned known gay people from all schools and universities.

“The Kingdom” is infamous for indiscriminate violence against gay people, carried out by Saudi authorities. It should be lost on nobody that standard-issue Arab propaganda against Israel has it that all homosexuality in the Middle East is Israel’s “fault.” Those who suffer most from that, are gay people living in Arab countries; not that NOM would care about their human rights. However, additionally, and without doubt, the more NOM reinforces anti-gay bigotry to the Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East, the more the gay people in those countries will suffer, and the more anti-gay religious maniacs there will, irrationally, focus on Israel as the “cause” of the “imposition” of homosexuality on them. And, NOM will cause those religious maniac anti-gay bigots to identify Starbucks as a “pro-gay, anti-Muslim” symbol of Israel’s “promoting homosexuality” in the Middle East. The last thing needed is for anybody to encourage such people to think that way, yet, NOM is encouraging them to think that way.

We can be sure NOM is not translating its anti-polygamy arguments into Arabic, or telling Saudis and Kuwaitis that same-sex marriage is a slippery slope to polygamy.  So, now, in addition to abetting anti-gay torture in Saudi Arabia, NOM is abetting and re-strengthening anti-Israel propaganda involving LGBTers’ rights in the Middle East, meaning that NOM will be, in an enduring manner, heightening the risk of violent attacks against the Starbucks in the region. Moreover, Boycott Israel campaigns have also made Starbucks a target, because of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s support for Israel. Schultz personally and directly told NOM officials that supporting equality was an easy decision for the company. NOM is telling that, in Arabic, on the internet, to gay-hating enemies of Israel.


The endless anti-gay lies of the National Organization for Marriage’s Maggie Gallagher

In April, 2011, when GetEqual’s Michael Dixon presented NOM’s Maggie Gallagher with her “Anita Bryant Unparalleled Bigotry” Award, Gallagher said “There’s no point in conversing with someone who calls you a liar,” as though no anti-gay lie had ever passed her lips.

Back in her syndicated column dated October 25, 1996, though, Gallagher conveys her unshakable conviction that her theocratic contempt for gay human beings should be enshrined in civil law. She wrote that she is not willing to live in a society that gives anti-discrimination protections to gay people. Gallagher’s article is jam-packed with anti-gay lies. She says, for example, that she opposes anti-discrimination protections for gay people out of “a sense of injustice that a small affluent group should be pressing for more economic protections.” Gallagher’s statement that all gay people are affluent is a shameless, propagandistic lie. So is her asinine claim that money is the only rationale — and/or motive — for anti-discrimination laws. She might now be made to take her sham anti-gay “sense of injustice” and provide social services to gay youth made homeless and indigent when their bigot parents abandoned them only because they were gay. For reference; here was my open letter to Gallagher, offering to help her to help the homeless in New York for one week, in exchange for her cancelling her planned July 24, 2011 protest of same sex marriages in the state. That letter was sent to several valid e-mails for Gallagher, who did not reply.

Here is a further selection of Gallagher’s unending anti-gay lies:

1)      In response to Richard Kim’s February, 2012 charges that Gallagher had called homosexuality a “sexual dysfunction” and that she had spoken in support of “Pray-away-the-gay”  “therapy,”  Gallagher lied by saying “I have not done any of those things!” and “You’ve just made up a bunch of facts that aren’t true.”

In her May, 2001 article “Fixing Sexual Orientation,” however, Gallagher argues in favor of “Pray away the gay”  “therapy” and calls homosexuality a “dysfunction.”

2)      Gallagher combined anti-gay bigotry with anti-Muslim bigotry for her lies on NOM’s blog on May 3, 2011 when she described the Human Rights Council as being involved in a “jihad” against DOMA-defending attorney Paul Clement.

In preposterously alleging that by opposing Clement, HRC was fulfilling a Muslim religious duty, Gallagher was telling a propagandistic anti-gay lie.  NOM’s leaders are, as we all know, guilty of patterns of behavior in which they simultaneously appeal to anti-gay and anti-Muslim bigots.

3)      In an April 20, 2011 interview with the Deseret News, Gallagher told the following propagandistic anti-gay lie; “By the very act of declaring that two men in a union are in a marriage we are announcing that marriage has nothing to do with bringing mothers and fathers and children together.”

In documented reality, same-sex marriage does not at all interfere with marriage bringing mothers and fathers and children together. We hear umpteen married heterosexual couples with children saying that same sex marriages do not negatively impact their heterosexual marriages one iota. With her lie, Gallagher is engaging in anti-gay hate-and-fear-mongering. A NOM strategy document described the anti-gay hate group’s goal of “driving a wedge between gays and blacks” by “fanning the hostility raised in the wake of Prop 8.” Many of Gallagher’s anti-gay lies not targeted at black anti-gay bigots appear conceived to fan all bigot hostility against gay human beings. Tell a fearful, ignorant anti-gay bigot that same sex marriage forces all marriages to have “nothing to do with bringing mothers and fathers and children together,” and the ignorant, fearful anti-gay bigot likely will become even more irrationally fearful of gay people.

4)      At the 5 minute point on this video of an April 15, 2011 congressional hearing about DOMA, Gallagher tells various anti-gay lies directly to Congressman Jerrold Nadler’s face. He asks how she would explain to children of gay parents – some of whom were present at the hearing – why they should be excluded from the benefits of marriage. Gallagher never tells Nadler what she would say to those children, though that was his question. (Not answering a very specific question can be a form of lying, too, let’s not forget). Gallagher then tells Nadler that a message of stigmatization and exclusion is not necessary to protecting the “ideal” of marriage for heterosexuals only. (Remember; this same Maggie Gallagher published a syndicated column — arguing against anti-discrimination protections for gays — in which she called homosexuality a “dysfunction.” She surely promulgated anti-gay stigmatization and discrimination there.)  Nadler replies that the whole point of DOMA is to stigmatize and exclude. Gallagher says that that is only his “opinion,” forcing him to ask next how “excluding” – (he gives the word a subtle sarcastic and impatient emphasis) — children of gay parents from the benefits of marriage helps to protect heterosexual marriages. In sum, (in addition to the many other anti-gay lies Gallagher told at this hearing) Gallagher argues on the one hand that gay married couples should continue to be excluded from federal marriage benefits, and on the other hand, that excluding them from those benefits is not really excluding them, which is a lie. This is classic Gallagher anti-gay double-speak; Nadler is palpably irritated with the obnoxious anti-gay bigot.

5)      In 2010, Gallagher presented NOM’s bogus “marriage protector award” to the gay-bashing leaders of the Church of God in Christ. (One of those COGIC leaders, Bishop Charles Blake, is alleged to have ignored people who complained that other ministers in his church raped them). In presenting the award, Gallagher lied by calling marriage discrimination against gay people “God’s truth.” God has never told Gallagher anything. Whole churches, as well as synagogues, meanwhile, employ married gay clergy. Maggie Gallagher does not know “God’s truth” better than they. Were she under oath in a court of law, attempting to prove that she does, she would fail. Her claim that gay-bashers are righteously bashing in the name of “God’s truth” is an anti-gay lie; hate speech.

6) In her article “The Stakes; Why we need marriage,” Gallagher tells the propagandistic anti-gay lie that marriage equality would spell the end of American civilization. She lyingly equates equality to “losing marriage as a social institution.” In her 2003 article, Gallagher specifically cites Sweden as a country that allegedly already had “lost” marriage. Yet, in 2010, Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, was married to Daniel Westling, Duke of Västergötland. Swedish media were crackling with reports of the marriage, long, long before the actual wedding ceremony took place. Gallagher in this article tells the additional lie that in Sweden, marriage is “a religious rite, with little public or social significance.” Meanwhile in reality, Sweden of course has civil marriage, despite Gallagher’s ludicrous lie that marriage there is a religious rite only.

7) In her May 10, 2010 National Review article “A Vote for Kagan is a Vote for Gay Marriage,” Gallagher attacked Cornell law professor William Jacobson, who had written that he believed Kagan thought of marriage law as being “a matter for the political process, not a constitutional right.” Gallagher lied by saying that Jacobson’s opinion was part of “a deliberate attempt to mislead the American people.” She defamed him in additional ways. Professor Jacobson had no intent to mislead the American people. And here is another of Gallagher’s lies from that same article: “A vote for Elena Kagan is a vote for finding a constitutional right to gay marriage that will overturn marriage laws in every state.” Ask yourselves; How would a pro-gay-rights Supreme Court decision on marriage “overturn” marriage laws in Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., or any other place with state-level equality?

8 ) In her August 23, 2011 piece “Defend Marriage,” Gallagher pushes her gay-bashing NOM pledge, and alleges that the right to marriage comes from nature, God and the Bible, and therefore can not come from government. That is an absurdity, and an outright lie: without government, there would be no civil laws relating to marriage, or to anything else. And civil laws in the U.S. do not derive their rationale from the Bible. To learn whether Gallagher scrupulously follows all of the “Judeo-Christian orthodoxy” with which she beats her anti-gay bigot breast in her article, you could ask her directly ( if she wants what Deuteronomy 23:2 says about bastards applied as law to her son Patrick Gallagher, who was born out of wedlock. You might remind her that all kinds of civil laws have been used to enforce the Biblical prejudice against bastards.

9) In her December 20, 2010 National Review article asking what DADT repeal means “for the gay marriage debate,” Gallagher lied about the Department of Defense’s “Report of the Comprehensive Review of the Issues Associated with a Repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’”

Gallagher alleged that 58% of Marine Combat Troops said that repeal “is going to make our lives harder.” She put that phrase between quotes. But in the actual report, troops were not asked if, generally, they thought repeal would make their lives harder; they were, rather, asked a group of more specific questions.

Gallagher plucked the very worst of the report’s statistics gathered from all sub-groups within the US Armed Forces, mischaracterized (i.e. lied about) the question — (68a) — corresponding to the statistic, and omitted the context into which the statistic was placed in the report. That context – Risks of Repeal Within Warfighting Units — begins on page 125.  Read it to understand more thoroughly the utter hatefulness of Gallagher’s lie.

10) Gallagher repeatedly alleges that same sex marriage is going to lead to a fundamental redefinition of citizenship. That is a blatant, anti-gay, hate-and-fear-mongering lie. Citizenship is too broad in scope to be fundamentally redefined by gays getting married to spouses of their own sexual orientation. Put Gallagher’s tuchus under oath in a witness stand to see how far she gets with this particular gay-bashing lie. Paying sales taxes, serving jury duty, obeying traffic laws, not falsely screaming “Fire!” in a crowded theater — and one million and one additional such matters are fundamental parts of citizenship unchanged by same sex marriage.

11) This gay-bashing Gallagher lie is related to Gallagher’s lie that civil laws involving gay people have to come from God and the Bible. Through her public support for anti-gay bigots who say that gays should all be killed, Gallagher implies the lie that gays don’t have a right to live. In the summer of 2010, when Lauren Ashley justified her anti-gay bigotry with a portion of Leviticus that she believed said that gays deserve death, Gallagher praised Ashley for her “courage in coming forward.” Rob Tisinai of the blog Waking Up Now attempted to clarify with Gallagher whether she supported Lauren Ashley’s notion that God thinks gays deserve death. Gallagher sent him a cryptic three word response and then ignored his request for an actual clarification. One unambiguous clarification finally came the following year, at NOM’s May, 2011 anti-gay hate rally in the Bronx, where a NOM-approved speaker yelled through a megaphone at a mob of anti-gay bigots that homosexuals are “worthy to death.”

12) Gallagher lied about Massachusetts gay youth attempted suicide statistics in her October 20, 2010 article Does Gay Marriage Prevent Gay Teen Suicide? In that article, Gallagher purports to answer whether the blood of gay bullycide victims is on her hands – but then lies about the bi-annual Center for Disease Control’s Youth Risk Survey results for Massachusetts. The survey, filled out by live students, does not report on the experiences of actual gay bullycide victims. In her article, Gallagher repeatedly alleges that the survey measured “LGBT” students. The actual survey questionnaires, though, have not yet even ever asked whether respondents identify as transgender. Gallagher’s claim that the survey represents transgender students is a lie. Another of Gallagher’s lies here is her reading of the survey, in which Gallagher very deceitfully implies that youth suicide attempts have not at all lessened since equality became law in Massachusetts. While LGB students have continued to attempt suicide about four times more often than heterosexual students, (just as Gallagher in this same period has fanned anti-gay hostility in Massachusetts) the percentage rates for each group have overall, over time, gone down, confirming Dr. Mark Hatzenbueler’s study which shows that in more liberal areas, both LGB and hetero youth are less likely to attempt suicide than LGB and hetero youth living in conservative areas.

While Massachusetts society increasingly has supported equality, a certain shrinking and severely embittered core of anti-gay bigots remains receptive to Gallagher’s anti-gay hate speech and lies (as well as to her appeals for donations).  Same-sex marriages began in contemporary Massachusetts in 2004.  In 2001, 31% of LGB and 8% of hetero students attempted suicide in the state. The rates for 2009, the most recent year for which results have been published online, are 24.7% and 5.6%.  There has been a clear downward trend in Massachusetts youth suicide attempts, though gay teen attempted suicide remains disturbingly disproportional. Could it possibly be that the general downward trend is attributable to marriage equality, while the continued disproportionate percentage of gay Massachusetts youth attempting suicide exists because of Gallagher & Co.’s fanning of anti-gay hostility in Massachusetts’ anti-gay bigots? Imagine how it is to be a 14-year-old gay teen of severely embittered anti-gay Massachusetts parents who ceaselessly use Gallagher’s gay-bashing propaganda against you in what is supposed to be your home. In answering the question “Do I have blood on my hands?,” Gallagher in her article alleged that she “felt a moral obligation to find out.”  Too bad the gay-bashing monster didn’t feel a moral obligation not to lie about the Youth Risk Survey results for Massachusetts.

Too bad this gay-bashing horror Maggie Gallagher won’t sign a pledge, never again to tell anti-gay lies.

This is but the tippy-top of the iceberg of the anti-gay lies told by Maggie Gallagher, who, you will recall, had a supercilious snit fit at Michael Dixon, telling him: “There’s no point in conversing with someone who calls you a liar,” as though no anti-gay lie had ever passed her lips. For this article, Gallagher was asked in two e-mails if she regrets — or apologizes for — her anti-gay lies. The gay-bashing bigot did not respond.

Trayvon Martin And The N.C. Marriage Amendment

Here’s how the death of Trayvon Martin relates to the proposed North Carolina Marriage Amendment.

Before George Zimmerman ever set eyes on Trayvon Martin, he had a long, long history of judging black human beings negatively only because they were black.

The N.C. Amendment was proposed by the late Senator James Forrester.

Forrester had a long, long history of judging gay human beings negatively only because they were gay.

Trayvon faced hatreds only because he was a black human being, the same way that all homosexuals face hatreds only because they are gay human beings.

Right in the Carolinas, gay people have been killed only because they were gay. Sean Kennedy, for example, was knocked dead in 2007 by the anti-gay bigot Stephen Andrew Moller. Moller called Sean “faggot” right before he dealt him a killer blow.  He then called one of Sean’s friends and left this voice mail:  “You tell your faggot friend when he wakes up, he owes me five hundred dollars for my broken hand.”

The promoters and the backers of the N.C. marriage amendment are evil.

Their political strategy documents show them scheming to pit African-Americans and Latinos against gay human beings.

Those documents also show that anti-gay political organizations are scheming to get children raised by gay parents to condemn their parents to the public.

What kind of child might get raised by a gay parent?  Let me tell you about one family I know. The two men were in a loving relationship for years. One of the men’s brother and wife were killed in an accident, leaving behind their young daughter. The gay man and his male spouse were present in the hospital the day that little girl was born. They loved her. Her parents’ last will and testament assigned guardianship of the child to her uncle and the uncle’s male spouse, were something bad to happen.

Clearly, the little girl is better off with her uncle who loves her dearly than she would be if farmed out to an orphanage.

Yet those who support the North Carolina marriage amendment would deny legal benefits to that little girl, only because her guardians are gay.

That attitude is evil.

You might have noticed that support for Trayvon Martin, versus support for George Zimmerman, is split fairly well down party lines, with Republicans finding every means imaginable of demonizing Trayvon, though he is dead.

You may not yet understand this, but the really big prize for the supporters of the N.C. marriage amendment is knocking Barack Obama out of office. Don’t believe me?  Go ahead; read their own game plan for getting rid of President Obama. They talk about “Exposing Obama as a social radical” and about “developing side issues” towards their goal of hurting that orphaned little girl being raised by her gay uncle.

The 2012 election will not be decided in North Carolina on May 8.  Yet, were Republican gay bashers to get their anti-gay amendment in the state, it would put wind in their sails towards their goal of eliminating President Obama. Conversely, should the N.C. marriage amendment be voted down, Republicans would be sent a very strong message that their anti-black, anti-gay hatreds are not playing so well in the 21st century.

Let me give you another example of what is at stake. Democratic African-American Congressman of Illinois Bobbie Rush stood on the floor of the US Congress stating that racial profiling has got to end. To emphasize his point, Congressman Rush removed his suit jacket to reveal a hooded sweatshirt, and put the hoodie over his head.

The white Republican Congressman Gregg Harper of Mississippi, acting that day as “Speaker pro tempore,” treated the black Congressman Rush like a criminal and had him shut up by appealing to the Sargent of Arms in the Congress. Do you get what happened?


A black Democrat speaking on the floor of the U.S. Congress about justice for a dead black boy was treated like a criminal for doing so, by a white Republican.

By coincidence, the Republican Congressman Harper has voted against every gay rights measure ever presented to him, while the African-American Democratic Congressman Rush frequently has voted in favor of gay rights.

Now when you go to vote on the North Carolina marriage amendment on May 8, whose side do you want to be on?  The side of Congressman Rush, who begged for justice for Trayvon, or the side of the Republican Gregg Harper, who basically told Congressman Rush to shut up?

If you are on Congressman Rush’s side, vote AGAINST! on the hateful North Carolina marriage amendment on May 8.