Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney to Speak at Hate Group Conference

Ron Hill is a Republican who blogs extensively about the religious right hijacking of his party at

Every year the leading pseudo-Christian hate groups in this country host the Values Voters Summit. This convention is sponsored by many organizations characterized as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization made famous for its work fighting the Ku Klux Klan on behalf of civil rights.

This year Mitt Romney is invited to address the annual hate fest September 14-16, 2012. The event is sponsored by the American Family Association. The AFA spokesman is Bryan Fischer, who is famous for claiming that gays are responsible for the Holocaust, that gays created Adolf Hitler, and for falsely claiming a link between gays and pedophilia. Mr. Fischer has also attacked and demonized African-Americans, Hispanics, immigrants, and Americans of other faiths. Another sponsor is the Family Research Council, whose spokesman is Tony Perkins. He’s famous for his association with Ku Klux Klansman David Duke, once purchasing the mailing list of the former KKK Grand Wizard and Nazi sympathizer.  Mr. Perkins  is also known for cherry-picking (or using outright junk science) to spread lies and misinformation that demonizes his fellow Americans who happen to be gay. Both the AFA and the FRC, despite their reputation for repeatedly bearing false witness against their fellow citizens, claim to be Christian organizations.

Another leading sponsor of the summit is Liberty Council, whose “Director of Cultural Affairs,” Matt Barber, is a board member on yet another Hate Group, called Americans For Truth Against Homosexuality; which is known for repeatedly spreading deliberately false information about gay citizens in an attempt to demonize all gay Americans.

And these are the “good” Christians? Makes one wonder why a Christian school like Liberty University would also sponsor such a hate-fest and what kind of people run Liberty U.

Yet Mitt Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee for President of the United States, see’s fit to address this gathering. The only thing missing is the Ku Klux Klan and a burning cross.

Gonna be hard for Romney to pretend he’s a mainstream candidate when he’s addressing the Friends of Adolf at their “Values Voters Summit”. I can see the Obama commercials tying Romney to Bryan Fischer’s comments that black women “rut like rabbits to have welfare babies” or to his statement that hispanic women are “immoral”. Want to paint Republicans as mean-spirited and divisive? Just tie Romney to leaders of America’s hate groups – they’ll all be at the “Value Voters Summit” being photographed with Mitt Romney.

How convenient for the Obama campaign.

Oh yes, Speaker of the U.S. House John Boehner is also invited to speak. Hard to argue one is a rational mainstream American while speaking to leaders of hate groups with ties to Klansmen and Nazi’s.

Here’s hoping Romney and Boehner reconsider. This story deserves to be all over the news until Mittens is shamed into canceling his appearance. Being a Republican should be about uniting our nation instead of dividing it. Being a Republican should be about freedom and respect for every law-abiding American.

Want to tell Mitt Romney to stay away from the “Value Voters” hate-fest? Contact his campaign and let them know what you think at  Romney for President, PO Box 149756, Boston, MA 02114-9756, or call 857-288-3500.

The whole purpose of this site is to help bring the Republican party back to the mainstream by highlighting the extremism of the far right. The hope is that we can increasingly marginalize the radicals in our party if we expose their extremism to the public. Responsible Republicans need to work toward making it shameful to be seen associating or collaborating with leaders of hate groups.

For the rational wing of the Republican party

Ron Hill


Ron Hill: Which Anti-Gay Big Government Conservative Shall I Vote For?

The Louisiana primary was this past weekend, and Little Ricky Santorum picked up another win. Republicans 4 Freedom‘s Ron Hill mused about his options…

Saturday is the Louisiana GOP primary. Here in New Orleans, I’m sipping a Mint Julep and pondering which anti-gay big government conservative I shall vote for.

Shall I vote for the anti-gay Big Government conservative who flip-flops more often than John Kerry?

Shall I vote for the anti-gay Big Government conservative who is the darling of the “family values” crowd despite being a thrice-married serial adulterer?

Or shall I vote for the anti-gay Big Government conservative who is the favorite of the Taliban, with plans to arrest gay citizens and control women’s bodies all in the name of “less government” and “freedom”?

What the hell has happened to the party of Eisenhower and Goldwater?

All the current GOP candidates for president support MORE government intrusion and less individual liberty and freedom on issues like who American’s can marry – the most personal and private decision of all; on women’s own bodies (government mandated rape, anyone? Let’s just call it transvaginal ultrasound); on what you can smoke (apparently tobacco should be legal in every instance but marijuana should result in incarceration, because, you know, marijuana kills millions of Americans (NOT).  Of course, Rick Santorum would ban pornography and birth control all in the name of “freedom”.

And all of the GOP candidates would enshrine discrimination into the constitution – using government not to safeguard rights but to take rights away from American citizens. Goldwater, Eisenhower, and even Reagan would roll over in their grave.

It’s a damn shame what has happened to the GOP. America needs a responsible, adult, and intelligent alternative to the Democratic Party – too bad we don’t have one.  But what does one expect when magazines that were formerly the vanguard of the conservative movement – like National Review – has replaced  the intellectual brilliance of William F. Buckley and David Frum with commentary from demagogues such as Maggie Gallagher?

Bill Buckley would despise what has become of both National Review and the GOP. Our party has become everything Goldwater, Eisenhower and Buckley opposed.

It bears repeating:

The single biggest external threat to America’s freedom and liberty is religious fundamentalism of the Muslim variety; and America’s biggest internal threat to freedom and liberty is also religious fundamentalism – this time of the Christian variety. Both seek to use the power of government to force their personal, literal interpretation of  religious text onto everyone in society. Neither is “less government” or “pro-freedom.” Both would destroy lives, families and freedom.

Indeed, religious fundamentalism is – by its very nature – directly opposed to freedom and liberty.

For the rational wing of the Republican Party – what’s left of it – I remain

Ron Hill

Ron Hill: Working to Save the GOP From Anti-Gay Extremists – Ken Mehlman Where Are You?

Ron Hill is a Republican who blogs extensively about the religious right hijacking of his party at It’s painful to see that newly out gay man Ken Mehlman — the former chair of RNC who presided over some of the most anti-gay rhetoric imaginable in the party during his tenure — has done yeoman’s work in the recent marriage equality fights. But he continues to support and fundraise for anti-LGBT politicians. Needless to say, Ron is appalled. — Pam

Former RNC chairman Ken Mehlman served as campaign manager of George W. Bush’s 2004 re-election. The campaign was notorious not only because it included an anti-gay platform and rhetoric, but because it relied on state campaigns to write legal discrimination against gays and lesbians into various state constitutions as a way to increase conservative voter turnout.

So when Ken Mehlman publicly acknowledged in 2010 that he is a gay man, it was hardly surprising that he was widely criticized by pro-equality activists. Mr. Mehlman was rightly condemned as someone who personally profited by running an anti-gay campaign. Only after he accumulated wealth and success – in part by helping others oppose freedom and equality – did he come out of the closet. Nevertheless, I gave him a pass and didn’t criticize him, hoping that his pledge to fight to undo the harm he helped create would make up for his past. At the time I wrote that we should give him a chance to prove with his actions that he could reliably work to promote equal rights for gay Americans. I felt that his GOP contacts and knowledge would be useful – if he followed through on his pledge to work for equal rights.

Mr. Mehlman has helped some. He raised money for the American Foundation for Equal Rights – the organization fighting for equality in California. He was involved in successfully persuading GOP legislators in New York to vote in favor of gay marriage – without whose vote the act would have failed. Mr. Mehlman was also involved in lobbying GOP politicians to support repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

This is a good start on making up for his past wrongs. But gay Americans – and especially gay conservatives – must continue to hold Mr. Mehlman accountable to his pledge to work for equality. Until 2010, Mr. Mehlman was essentially a modern-day Roy Cohn – a closeted gay man who personally profited from demonizing people who were just like him. He went along with those who worked to oppress and discriminate against us. He said and did nothing.

I’m grateful for what he has been doing so far – I want to believe that people can change. I want to believe that his pledge to make amends for his failure to speak out, for his failure to oppose those who sought to discriminate in the name of conservatism – was not just cheap words. So I was somewhat disappointed when I saw that Mr. Mehlman – along with R. Clark Cooper, head of the Log Cabin Republicans – are listed as co-chairs for a fund-raiser to help re-elect the current Speaker of the House, John Boehner. The Speaker has been a staunch supporter of legal discrimination against gay Americans.

My view is that gay conservatives should refuse to endorse or raise money for any conservative who opposes equality. Freedom and equal justice under the law are basic conservative values. Instead of raising money for anti-gay Republicans, we should have our own “super pac” to raise money to support and elect conservatives who are pro-equality. I can understand why blogger Joe Jervis refers to Mr. Mehlman and Mr. Cooper as “out gay alleged activist”. We also need to be working to get pro-equality conservatives into leadership positions within the party and into positions to help influence the public debate. We don’t need to be working to elect anti-gay rights politicians of any political party.

Mr. Mehlman has a lot of work to do before he can claim to have made up for his past actions. Supporting a staunch anti-gay politician like Mr. Boehner does little to make amends. When he came out, Mr. Mehlman seemed to ask for sympathy in a MSNBC interview. I do not have sympathy for Mr. Mehlman anymore than I have sympathy for Roy Cohn. Actions speak louder than words, and it will take more than two years of advocating for equality to make up for a career opposing it. I want to like Ken Mehlman; he is probably a nice guy. But I want to see results and a long-term commitment to equality from him.

Mr. Mehlman is welcome to respond to this column. I will run his response unedited and in full. It’s been two years since he came out and gay Americans – liberal and conservative – deserve to hear from him. He has an opportunity to make a difference in the fight to save our party from extremist – and to help inspire young gay conservatives to work within the GOP – and build a more inclusive party. His party and his country need him in this struggle now more than ever. We need to hear from you Mr. Mehlman.

For the rational wing of the republican party,

Ron Hill

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