New York Grants Inmates Same-Sex Conjugal Visits

Well, this opens up a whole new dating pool for me:

 From Raw Story:

The New York state prison system recently changed its regulations to allow inmates in same-sex marriages or civil unions conjugal visits from their partners, as well as a tweak that will allow inmates to visit their partners if they are terminally ill. […]

Former Gov. David Paterson changed prison policies in 2008 to recognize same-sex unions performed in states where they are legal, and the changes appeared in the state register this week. A prison spokesman, Peter Cutler, said they have been in the practice of granting furloughs for illness, and could not explain the delay in the rule changes' publication.

This might have saved inmate Chris Keller the trouble of orchestrating Tobias Beecher's return to Oswald Correctional Facility in the the final season of HBO's homoerotic prison drama Oz (picture, right).

In all seriousness, the more often our familial relationships are afforded the same respect as any others, the better our movement will be in the long run. There is reason to be happy for all our LGBT brothers and sisters here.

Cutler says he does not know if anyone has exercised their right to conjugal visits.

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