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February 13, 2013

Zach Wahls – the religious right’s worst nightmare

Posted in: Bigots,LGBT

If you don’t know who Zach Wahls is, you had better learn.

He is a young man raised in a lesbian household, intelligent, articulate,and not shy about defending his family or gay equality. Wahls, an Eagle Scout, has also been on the front lines for the lgbt community in the recent Boy Scout ado. In short, he is the religious right’s worst nightmare. And nothing says that more than two interviews this week in which he went head-to-head with Dr. Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The first interview is when the Boy Scouts were deciding whether or not to change its “no gays allowed” policy. To say Zach did rather well would be an understatement:

This second interview was done after the Boy Scouts decided to postpone its decision. Zach mops up the floor with Land. But for those who think that the second video is too long, allow me to clue you to a juicy part. At 6:40, Zach decides to ask Land a question about the talking point he keeps repeating concerning the Boy Scouts’ “core values.” It got a bit vicious after that and Zach did not back down:

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