“Those people” have some inventive ideas re health care

Out of the mouths of babes: in today’s student newspaper at the University of Southern California, one reporter describes how folks who can’t get or afford health care in the US go to Mexico to get services.


The author describes his own experience:

Growing up in largely Latino Southern Arizona directly exposed me to how a large portion of the population deals with their health care needs — they drive for 45 minutes down to south of the border to take advantage of less expensive health care and pharmaceuticals.

A recent study conducted by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research found that an estimated 1 million Californians seek medical, dental or prescription coverage in Mexico each year.

Interestingly enough, Latino US citizens account for only half of the citizens traveling across the border for health care, which costs roughly a little less than half of what it would cost in the United States without insurance. The trip south is suddenly a little less inconvenient when parents can pay $2,400 for their children’s braces as opposed to the minimum $5,000 it would cost in the US.

So, instead of being a “burden” on the crumbling US health care “system,” “those people” are creating some innovative solutions. Other desperate Americans are following.

I’ll bet folks in Kansas are jealous they live so far from the border. [In addition to being dismayed over their crappy Senators.]

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