Did V.P. Nominee Sarah Palin Call Barack Obama Sambo?


Monday, September 8, 2008: Day of Blogging for Community Organizing Justice: “I Am a Community Organizer”

Today, AfroSpear and afrosphere bloggers from across the Diaspora are blogging in unison to tell the Republicans, “I Am A Community Organizer” and I am part of the “1,000 points of light” that George H. W. Bush said could replace state and federal help for people who aren’t rich, and our efforts are vital. The Republicans really whacked the progressive beehive when they said that community organizers are really just loafers. They couldn’t have thought of a better way to challenge community organizers to mobilize and make sure that Sarah Palin doesn’t become vice president and John Sydney McCain (JSM) doesn’t become president.

But there’s another question that’s been troubling me all weekend. When I Google “Palin”, “Sambo”, and “Obama” together, I get over seventy thousand hits. Can anyone tell me why that is? Is there any truth to the LA Progressive article that says that Sarah Palin said of Obama and Clinton, “So Sambo beat the bitch?”

The September 5, 2008 article making the accusation is in the LA Progressive: “Alaskans Speak (In a Frightened Whisper): Palin Is ‘Racist, Sexist, Vindictive, and Mean'”

While none of us wants to report as true accusations that have not been thoroughly proven (the accusation came from an anonymous source), yet the article shows the need for bloggers and the national news media to investigate this allegation and Sarah Palin generally.

And that’s only going to happen if we write about these alleged ethnic and gender slurs at our blogs, and demand that the truth of this matter be researched and aired.

I know this is a question I’m going to research more, because I really want to know whether Sarah Palin called Barack Obama “Sambo” while eating with friends in public at a restaurant. If she called one Black person Sambo, she called ALL of us Sambo.

While Googling this, I discovered a blog that was started by New York activists on Septemeber 5 called “Community Organizers Fight Back Blog”,to organize a response to the Republican attack on community organizers. There were 533 comments on the first post at that blog, which tells me that Sarah Palin and John McCain have made a lot of stern progressive enemies over the last week. No one who has ever voted Democratic will see them as an alternative to Barack Obama, unless they simply want to “vote against the Black guy.”

But then progressives hated Ronald Reagan, whose campaign was really about opposition to Black people as much as anything else, and Ronald Reagan won the presidency TWICE! Over the next three months, we will really find out who we are as a nation, and so will the rest of the world, either to their jubilant surprise or to their shock and horror.

Francis L. Holland

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