Carolinas: Now is a good time to fight hate speech on the radio


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Once every 8 years, AM and FM broadcast radio licenses come up for renewal.  After a broadcast licensee files their renewal application, there is a period of time when the station broadcasts messages over the air to inform that a renewal application has been filed.  You may have heard these messages in the past on radio and TV.   After the renewal has been filed, the public is invited to file comments on why a certain station should or should not have their license renewed.

The American Family Association has been making a lot of news lately, especially with their involvement with the Perry campaign and the overall anti-gay rhetoric that they spew over their different media sources including broadcast radio.

If you live in North Carolina or South Carolina and you are in the listening area for one of AFA’s broadcast stations, now is the time to make yourself be heard.  You have between now and November 1, 2011 to file a petition to deny against your local AFA radio station.

In order for you to file a petition to deny, you must be a regular listener to the station up  for renewal (sorry, but you can not say that you listen to an AFA station in Arizona but since the programming is the same, I will object to one in North Carolina) and I would consider a regular listener as someone who tunes to the station to know what is going on.  Keep in mind, if you mail a Petition to Deny to the FCC (and keep in mind, Washington will your original and two copies), you must also mail a copy of your petition to deny to AFA. You must also include an affidavit that states that you have personal knowledge of the information presented (in other words, you listened to the station).  You will also need the FCC facility ID and the renewal application number (begins with BRED or BRFT).

If you don’t want to go through all of that, you can also file what is called an “informal objection”. An informal objection is just that, informal.  It will be looked at but not necessarily taken as seriously as a first hand petition to deny.  You do not have to write an affidavit or even be a “party of interest” (in other words, if you are in Arizona, you can file an Informal Objection against a NC station).

AFA renewals coming up include:

W204AV – Sanford, NC – 88.7 FM – Facility 1691 – BRFT-20110726AGQ

WRAE – Raeford, NC – 88.7 FM – Facility 88446 – BRED20110726AGL

WBFY – Pinehurst, NC – 90.3 FM – Facility 88048 – BRED20110726AGH

WAAE – New Bern NC – 91.9 FM – Facility 76833 – BRED-20110726AFX

WJKA – Jacksonville, NC – 90.1 FM – Facility 87089 – BRED-20110726AFR

WRYN – Hickory, NC – 89.1 FM – Facility 90249 – BRED-20110726AFG

WXBR – Beaufort, NC – 88.3 FM – Facility 78091 – BRED-20110726AFC

WBKU – Ahoskie, NC – 91.7 FM – Facility 82838 – BRED-20110726AET

WDLL – Dillon, SC – 90.5 FM – Facility 85507 – BRED-20110726AEE

(clicking on the call sign will take you to the broadcast information pages at my organization, REC Networks where you can view maps of the station’s listening area and get the licensee’s address.)

Before filing with the FCC, please read their license renewal page at:

Please mail well before November 1 as first class mail sometimes takes forever to get through the FCC mailroom (remember the anthrax scares from a few years ago?).

Next up will be stations in Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  AFA only has one station in Florida.

AFA is the largest broadcast licensee that is also a SPLC hate group.

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