N _ T I O N _ L I Z _ T I O N — Americans Need to Buy a Vowel: Oil Made Easy

Who remembers this?

It was published just about a year ago.

Take a brief trip with me down Memory Lane — and by the time we reach the end, you will learn a dangerous but empowering truth and discover a transformational and disruptive idea whose time has come.

You will see the inevitable future of this nation — one that will save your children’s lives and free them from the crippling slavery of debt that is about to consume them.


This article was from a Special Edition of the New York Times, printed and distributed on April 1, 2009.

What is particularly poignant about it is that — in the comment section of the online version — American readers were OUTRAGED at the idea of nationalized oil. They would far prefer their own guaranteed destruction and the rape of their nation’s resources, than to have share in its bounty and destiny.

Even on progressive forums — whether we are discussing the Fairness Doctrine, nationalizing the banks, or the utterly corrupt Health Insurance Giveaway Bill that was just passed — a sizable contingent of commenters unwittingly repeat the cynical memes of the Plutocrats — memes that ultimately lead their their own extinction and the economic slavery of their children.

It breaks my heart about 50 times a day.

Does this version of the future horrify you?

Oil Made Easy
Three Simple Lessons

The nationalization of oil refers to the de-privatization of a nation’s oil production operations. This is generally done for the purpose of obtaining more revenue from the nation’s oil resources for the benefit of the people of that nation.

Only seven percent of the world’s estimated oil and gas reserves are in countries that allow private international companies free rein. The United States is just such a place. Let’s look at this in action with real-time examples as they unfold:


President Obama and the American People have NO REAL CONTROL Over an Industry that is Privatized Rather than Nationalized

sm-check.jpg He can only stand there and take the blame as a fall guy of the Plutocrats.

sm-check.jpg And you can only pay (with your work and sweat and the lost opportunities of your children) for the damages that the Plutocrats do to your nation.

Now, let’s look at what happens when there is a spill in an nationalized oil well. Right this very minute in Norway, there is a crisis in a deep water well — but in Norway’s case, the government is in control and there is complete transparency with government environmentalists and regulators on site monitoring (and frankly criticizing) the situation for the Norwegian people:


Norway struggles to normalize pressure at oil rig

The Norwegian operators, Statoil, [nationalized] said it could be days until the Gulfaks well can be safely capped.

Statoil spokesman Gisle Johanson said the well was now more stable, but it may not be safely plugged for several more days – in what has been an unusually long struggle to bring a North Sea well under control.

He said: "The pressure is still unstable, but the situation has not worsened. We are continuing to work to normalise the situation."

He added that no leaks had so far been detected and the company "deems the risk of a blowout as very small."

Tonnes of specialist drilling mud have been pumped into the Gulfaks well in a bid to contain pressure, and Statoil is attempting to cap the well with cement.


Norwegian oil company Statoil partly evacuated the Gullfaks oil rig

The company said all 89 non-essential workers were taken off the rig as a precaution, while the other workers remained to normalize well pressure.

Norway’s state-run petroleum safety watchdog has been monitoring the situation in Gullfaks carefully since pressure levels began fluctuating there last week.

Inger Anda, a spokeswoman at the authority, told Deutsche Welle that normal pressure disturbances should not take this long to normalize.

"We sometimes see such instances of pressure variation in this industry, but it rarely happens that such a long time is needed to regain control of a well," Anda said.

Anda also called it "very serious" that only one protective barrier is currently all that is preventing leakage of oil and gas in the Gullfaks well.

She hesitated, however, to draw comparisons between the Statoil and BP situations.

"It’s also difficult to compare situations before you know exactly what they’re working on. We know the safety situation and the risk measurements that they are taking just now, but we don’t know the details and we haven’t been comparing it to other incidents so far."

In the history of Norway, which has been drilling for oil for decades, there has been one major spill. In 1977, a blowout occurred at a rig off the country’s southern coast, resulting in leakage of some 30,000 tons of oil.

That amount has already been exceeded in the BP Gulf of Mexico disaster, to which there is still no end in sight.


Ninety Three Percent of All the World’s Oil is Nationalized and Owned by Nations and Their People.

sm-check.jpg The United States is one of the only Pluto-corrupt nations that has allowed their natural resources to be privately owned and controlled by Plutocrats.

Let’s look at an example of what a nation can do when it’s natural resources are naturalized — Norway’s Social Security Fund — which is managed by its NATIONALIZED Central Bank, I might add.


The Government Pension Fund of Norway

The Government Pension Fund is a fund into which the surplus wealth produced by Norwegian petroleum income is deposited. The fund is commonly referred to as The Petroleum Fund (Norwegian: Oljefondet).

As of the valuation in June 2007, it was the largest pension fund in Europe and the fourth largest in the world, although it is not technically a pension fund since it derives its financial backing from oil profits and not pension contributions. With 1.78 per cent of European stocks, it is said to be the largest stock owner in Europe.

The Petroleum Fund was established in 1990 after a decision by the legislature assembly Storting to counter the effects of the forthcoming decline in income and to smooth out the disrupting effects of highly fluctuating oil prices.

The fund is managed by Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM), a part of the Norwegian Central Bank on behalf of the Ministry of Finance. NBIM forecasts that the fund will reach NOK 2.823 trillion ($453 billion) by the end of 2010 and NOK 4.769 trillion ($765 billion) by the end of 2014.


Unlike the Rest of the World, the United States was Designed and Built AFTER the Invention of the Automobile.

sm-check.jpg Railroads and streetcars were torn out in older cities and the people of the United States are now slaves to the oil Plutocrats.

sm-check.jpg Because the people are totally immobilized without oil (unlike other nations in the world) and cannot even receive food in their cities without oil — they are terrified to challenge the statusquo of the Oil Plutocrats.

Most disgracefully, the Plutocrat’s keep the oil profits, they receive government subsidities, their losses are socialized, and the American people get totally trashed.


To add insult to injury, the American people vote to keep it that way, and they willingly send their kids to be slaughtered in pointless wars to support the Plutocratic rape of America and global Dollar hegemony. Meanwhile, Americans are hopelessly brainwashed by the media monopolies, who also own the natural resources along with the nation’s airwaves and political messaging.

It’s particularly sad to see this intellectual damage so prevalent among so-called "Progressives."

Enough said.


For the sake of the future of your families — and to claw America out of its current third-world status:

The Big Banks need to be Nationalized.

The Health Care system needs to be Nationalized.

The nation’s Natural Resources need to be Nationalized.

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