Some very disturbing questions about the OWS crack down ?

Question raised by this Alternet article.

1. Who convened the mayors call?

Was it the White House ? Was it the FBI ? Homeland Security ?

2. Was there an attempt to control press coverage?

Why was it that ONLY certain NYC papers had any news ? And why was the coverage biased and blasphemous of OWS ?

3. What, if any, was the role of the White House?

Why no response fro Obama and the White House ? Why no response from anyone in congress to speak of ?

4. Was the Department of Homeland Security involved in the raids?

What part (if any) did they play in all of this ?

5. What, if any, was the role of the FBI?

There are rumors that that FBI had a lot to do with how the police responded. What was their part ?

6. Where are the libertarians?

Where are these constitution loving people who make such a big deal out of gun rights and states rights etc. ?

And I have a question of my own.

Why does this whole situation remind me of Tiananmen Square or some Soviet Block country circa 1966 ?


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