ACTION: Pressuring Baucus from the left on the Public Option

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee & Democracy for America have produced this advertisement featuring Bing Perrine’s health care story. Bing is a resident of Montana, the state Senator Baucus represents. If you want to help finance the ad buy in Montana and DC, you can do so at ActBlue.

Appeal letter from Progressive Change Campaign Committee:

Meet Bing. Bing lives with his wife and baby boy in Billings, Montana.

When he collapsed last year from heart problems, his family racked up over $100,000 in medical debt. No private insurance company will cover him — they profit by denying care to people like him.

Now Bing’s senator — Max Baucus — may vote this week against letting Bing buy into a public health insurance option. So today we’re releasing a new TV ad in which Bing asks Sen. Baucus to side with him instead of his insurance-company campaign contributors. Click here to see our powerful new ad — and help put it on TV in Montana and DC.

This ad — made with our friends at Democracy for America — comes at a critical time.

Starting tomorrow, the Senate Finance Committee will cast key votes on the public health insurance option. The outcome will impact the rest of the health care debate.

Max Baucus chairs this committee — and he wrote the bad bill that we’re trying to change. But he’ll have an opportunity this week to vote the right way.

We can only put this ad on TV — and use it to pressure Max Baucus — if thousands of folks chip in. We’re aiming to raise $100,000 to air this ad. Can you help?

Click here to see the ad — and chip in to put it on TV.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

–Stephanie Taylor, Adam Green, Aaron Swartz, Max Berger, Forrest Brown, and the PCCC team

Politico covers the story, "Left targets Baucus on public option".

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