Draft Congressmen James P. McGovern (MA-3) for the US Senate

Jim McGovern

Dear Congressmen James P. McGovern,

Of all of the members of the Massachusetts congressional delegation your fire, your values, your legislative interests and your record leads me to believe you would be the best candidate for Senator Kennedy’s senate seat. I hope you give it serious consideration. You would have my vote.

Ted spoke with passion as you do. Ted was imaginative identifying solutions to seemingly intractable problems, as you are.

You have strong concern for human rights, sponsored and successfully guided education legislation through the house, fought to secure Social Security, secured Federal money for your district as well as Central and Western Massachusetts. You are a strong and passionate debater on the floor, and you are 3xceptionally good at assembling support for your bills. I called your office in DC today to communicate the same message.

Let’s get health care done but let’s get it done in a way that works rather than crap that is acceptable to congressional delegates who take big campaign donations from the health care industry. We need a strong public option not a half-arsed co-op or a health insurance company bail-out. The bill must control costs and guarantee access to reliable insurance – the kind that doesn’t drop subscribers for profit. Please consider joining the liberal Congressmen who have taken a pledge to reject a bill that does not include a strong public option, and please provide your able leadership in advancing strong health care reform to enactment.