A Collection of WikiCables on Israel & Gaza

(This is by way of a PSA, and I doubt I’ll be able to come back to the thread since we have our daughter and her three chirren here for a week.  So please talk to one another…and may it be that we don’t need them in the future.)

This is the Storify slideshow WikiLeaks posted four days ago of 51 (and counting): #Gaza related WikiLeaks cables mentioned in the past 48 hours | Storify.  I went back through their Twitter account to get the links to some of them for your use later as you might need them for evidence when you’re engaged in (ahem) discussions with the confused apologists for raining down bombs and missiles on Gaza.  If I understand it, one can’t use the slideshow in that way.


Please, please, tell us: Who’ll stop the rain?

This?  ‘Gaza ceasefire enters second day as delegations prepare for Cairo talks

Israeli and Palestinian representatives set for tough talks aimed at securing permanent ceasefire after 72-hour truce ends’  Please let it be so, and that permanent justice prevails.

Thank you, Chelsea Manning; thank you, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks for your services dedicated to us in ‘opening governments’.

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