More Librul Attacks on Critics of OBomba’s Drone Assassination: Greenwald Reports

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It’s been my contention for a long time that one of the most serious impediments to positive, crucial change in American policies is the group still hanging onto Barack as still worth supporting, and their refusal to believe the truth of his advocacy of policies to aid the Elites, and his devotion to Empire and the MICC.   I further believe these supporters will be some of the least likely citizens to join in the massive resistance and civil disobedience that is crucial to effect beneficial change.  Tragically, in too many areas we have reached tipping points from which there may be no return without stopping the Oligarchical Machine, reversing course and building a new form of government: of the people, by the people, and for the people.

As many more Americans, and indeed folks around the globe awaken, we’re seeing that the massively funded and armed security forces protecting the status quo prove that the MOTUs aren’t about to willingly cede any amount of their control.  They are also proving how afraid they are of protestors, including Occupy; they are terrified of the truth getting out and abroad in this land, and will go to any lengths to prevent citizens from understanding that in this country, a government whose power lacks the consent of the governed is no longer valid.  But I digress.

Kevin Gosztola’s piece of June 2 narrated the vicious attacks on Jeremy Scahill by Liberals after his appearance on Chris Hayes’ program to discuss the NYT’s crazy puff piece on Obama’s ever-expanding drone-killing program. The tweets he published are alarming, imo; the 229- long comment thread was interesting, to say the least (I won’t say the most here.)  One was almost forced to wonder that Libruls who’d have no shown no mercy to a Republican committing the same evil, seem to be able to rationalize it all away, in what commenter hinted might amount to ‘a devolving morality’ (my words, not exactly his).

Greenwald’s column yesterday describes further librul attacks, both on him and Jeremy Scahill, over their reporting and coverage of the same issue.  Readers will be the judge of what these attacks on the truth are about, and what they indicate about those who make them, and how far up the Democratic Party and President’s knickers they are in their quests to shield him/them from valid, truthful criticism.  You will notice that commenter ExtremeLiberal (Jim)’s tweets are featured both on Glenn’s and Kevin’s posts:

(updated below – Update II – Update III)

Raw Story is a moderately well-read political outlet that touts itself as “a progressive news site that focuses on stories often ignored in the mainstream media.” It recently began publishing a blog devoted exclusively to venerating the President and sliming his critics: because that’s so edgy, brave and rare; after all, the meek “MSM” would never dare glorify the nation’s most powerful political official and the party in power, so we really need a brave, dissident anti-MSM site like Raw Story to provide that. That blog promptly humiliated Raw Story this week by publishing a totally false and baseless Internet “rumor” that Wisconsin’s GOP Gov. Scott Walker “impregnant[ed] his college girlfriend and, after encouraging her to get an abortion, abandon[ed] her.” Andrew Breitbart might be dead, but his spirit is alive and well at Raw Story. In response, Raw Story‘s Executive Editor Megan Carpentier eagerly (and understandably) disclaimed any responsibility for publication of that blog, insisting (credibly) that the decision to publish it was made by Raw Story ”management.”

Last night, a different writer for that same Raw Story blog denounced critics of President Obama’s drone attacks — in particular, myself and The Nation‘s Jeremy Scahill — with attacks that would make Karl Rove and Joe McCarthy blush with shame:

(As in: Greenwald and Scahill are all in with the Taliban and Al Qaeda; Spokesmen for them?)  (More here, including responses from friends you’ll recognize).

His Update II concerned both a public and private apology given to him and Scahill for the incident.  Update III concerns the blogger at Raw Story who had her own tab there: ABLC, Angry Black Lady, who penned a let’s-ratchet-down-the-rhetoric-and-indecency; I also fired my two co-bloggers (assumedly one was ExtremeLiberal (Jim), but she doesn’t say that directly.  You may remember her as Electablog, who used to post here.  I swear I don’t remember her, and I was here then; go figure.  The comments below are illuminating.

But Glenn’s first Update is really the point of this post, and it’s a theme we really need to take to heart, and bring into conversations with those we meet who give us similar dreck when we say that morally, there is no way we can cast our vote for Obama, or when we forcefully condemn his drone assassinations, his utter abdication of the Rule of Law, or go a little ballistic about his ‘spreading Democracy around the world via bombing (as in R2P misadventures):

UPDATE: Political scientist Brendan Nyhan has long documented how conservatives throughout the last decade routinely accused Democratic critics of Bush of being Terrorist-sympathizes and enabling Al Qaeda (he also has documented that as of January 20, 2009, the roles have reversed, with some leading progressive commentators hurling the same accusations against right-wing Obama critics). But the specific tactic of accusing left-wing critics of the President’s militarism of being Al Qaeda sympathizers and traitors is its own uniquely toxic strain of these attacks, and the fact that a self-proclaimed progressive outlet like Raw Story now provides a paid venue to those who spew things like this is significant indeed.”

If you’ve been aware of all this, congratulations for reading around more at Librul websites; I simply hadn’t been doing so lately, and I find this trend disturbing.  It does, however, make me understand what’s been at play when some unknown commenters have dropped by my posts and let loose on my opinion, framing and verbiage.  I do try to remain rational and reasonable responding…most of the time, hoping to provide some alternative light to the commenters.  ;o)


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