Liveblogs of Occupy the World at The Guardian and AJE

The Al Jazeera English liveblog is here; lots of videos and photos.

TheĀ  Guardian, UK liveblog feed can be found here. Included is a gallery of uprisings.

One interesting item concerns Julian Assange at the London event, and a recorded message from him:

“2:28 Julian Assange arrived at the London protest outside like a modern day messiah flanked by his disciples, says Lisa O’Carroll.

“He pushed through the police kettle followed by an entourage shouting “Julian, Julian”. He is now on the steps of St Pauls.”

Mark Townsend adds that the whole crowd went mental, chanting “Julian”. They also passed a vote allowing him to address the protest.

Live blog: Twitter

He tweets: “Assange says had trouble getting through kettle, blames greed, corruption and money laundering in London for undermining rule of law.”

And speaking of people who are not the messiah here a picture of Jesus amid the demonstrators on the steps of the cathedral.

2.17pm: It appears that Julian Assange was not arrested but was told he could not wear a mask.

Live blog: Twitter

Lawyer Jen Robinson tweets: “assange NOT under arrest. Says we can’t wear masks and be anonymous but swiss bank accounts can be.”

She later adds: “assange being kettled – can’t get through to speak.”

(I may swap out videos later in the day.)

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