Ratigan’s Astounding Rant: Obama Should Go Teddy R., Calls Out Both Parties; Should-Go-Viral Video

Now Ratigan seriously knows who Obama is; but this is his dream to end what he calls ‘the unholy alliance between Congress and the financial sector’.  Best example of staging a righteous nutty I’ve witnessed in a long, long time.  Go, Dylan!  Keep it up!

In a different segment on Wisconsin before the vote tallies, Ratigan spoke with Ed Shultz on the ground there.  Addressing the recall vote specifically as a proxy for a national referendum on the Democratic/Republican divide, Dylan expresses this comparison:

“My own issue with this, the same Democrats who may be substantially better than the Republicans, but the same Democrats gave me extractionary bank code, trade agreements; I’m not sure how relieved I feel when the Democrats beat the Republicans this way.  It’s like getting a passive-aggressive murderer as opposed to an axe murderer; do you feel that much better?”

(Kinda fun to watch the panelists’ terror, too.)  LOL!  “Ack!  A Madman!!!”


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