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February 16, 2012

‘Porno Pete’ LaBarbera oversteps his bounds with attack on NAACP

Posted in: Bigots

Porno Pete LaBarbera (so named for his tendency to attend subcultural gay events such as leather conventions, take pictures and describe actions in lurid details) seems to be “enamored” with interviewing North Carolina “diaper pastor” Patrick Wooden on the so-called “mechanics of gay sex.”

As you all know, LaBarbera had that silly failed press conference a while back protesting the Southern Poverty Law Center’s designating him and several other religious right organizations as hate groups because of the propaganda they spread about the lgbtq community.

It was there that he and Wooden seems to have “bonded.” Since that time, LaBarbera and Wooden have conducted an interview so long that LaBarbera had to break it up into five parts.

It was during one of these this interviews in which Wooden made the false claim that gay men have so much anal sex that they require surgery and diapers and also that they use baseball bats, gerbils and cell phones as sexual instruments. Other tidbits of these interviews had Wooden making all sorts of nasty comments about Chaz Bono, legendary blogger Pam Spaulding (Wooden said she needs to find a man who will rock her world), and of course the transgender community.

I should also note that Wooden is instrumental in helping the National Organization for Marriage push for an anti-marriage equality amendment in North Carolina. NOM has been silent on Wooden’s radio commentaries.

As I said before, LaBarbera became infamous for his past activities at subcultural events, such as leather conventions. But now he seems to have abandoned attending these functions. However, based on his interviews with Wooden, he has not abandoned his lurid imagination when it comes to gay sex. He seems to have traded one vice (taking pictures of gay men) for another (regaling his audience about gay sex).

An email LaBarbera sent talking about the fifth part of the interview he conducted with Wooden caused me to momentarily, shall we say, forget that I’m a child of God:

Below is the final installment of my five-part interview with Pastor Wooden — a bold and courageous Truth Teller who has become a good friend. Please take 45 minutes to listen to this lively discussion and pass it on to your friends. Patrick nails it on how liberal Black leaders like Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, and NAACP President Ben Jealous are utterly out-of-touch with rank-and-file, churchgoing African Americans on the issue of homosexual sin. That’s why ever since Patrick’s first interview with AFTAH, he has become a huge target for bigoted and often vicious “gay” militants.

Poor Patrick Wooden for being “a target.”  Whatever happened to the good old days when you could get away with accusing gays of wearing diapers and stuffing gerbils up their rectums?

I got slightly angry at LaBarbera for his comments regarding Sharpton, Jealous, the NAACP, and President Obama. You see these folks have been attempting to create a much needed conversation in the African-American community regarding lgbtqs of color.

In addition, The North Carolina chapter of the NAACP and a coalition at North Carolina Central University – a historically black college have come out against that awful anti-marriage equality amendment.

This only goes to show that the idea that African-Americans oppose marriage equality and will support efforts to stop it is a complex issue which has not been explored as much as it should. Furthermore, the laziness in this regard have been exploited by people like LaBarbera and Wooden.

On a personal level, I was offended that a white man obsessed about gay sex (that’s right, I said it) and a “Chicago pimp wannabe” masquerading as a man of God who he seems to be having some type of quasi-symbiotic relationship – in which talking about gay sex replaces the act of having gay sex – could take it upon themselves to lecture a venerable organization who has stood for right longer than both of them have existed.

Wooden, at the very least, should know better.

Needless to say, I took it upon myself to email LaBarbera my displeasure.

Oh just what I was waiting to read. A silly white man who teams up with a bunch of ignorant attention hungry black pastors to attack the NAACP.

Peter, you are way out of your league here. The NAACP has existed long before you bought your first pair of chaps and your first camera to take photos of gay men which of course is “for research.”

The NAACP has done more good for the black community than any of those pathetic excuses for pastors who seem to follow you like you are wearing catnip behind each ear. How much are you paying them, Peter?

It doesn’t matter who you drudge up to take part in your silly, unsuccessful attempts to gain attention because when it comes down to it, the black community will pick Al Sharpton, President Obama, and Ben Jealous over you and your cavalcade of jackleg Atlanta and North Carolina pimps masquerading as men of God.

Do everyone a favor, Peter. Slap on some chaps over the pasty butt of yours, strap on a camera, and go back to taking pictures of gay men in lurid acts while secretly wishing that you can take part in them.

That’s all you are good for and nothing else. You see, when it comes to issues of gay equality and the African-American community, adults have the floor and you really need to take heed of the advice that you don’t dip into grown folks’ conversation.

One more thing – the opinion expressed in this post are mine and mine alone. If you or any of your “Holy Pimps” got anything to say, you know my email.

As you can see, there are times when I can go slightly “ghetto.” Sometimes you can talk nice to bigots. And then there are times when they need to be taken down a peg.

I wager that we will be seeing a part six interview with LaBarbera and Wooden. I personally think that they should get a room already.

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