Obama Responds Through His Sock-Puppet, Jacob Freeze

David Sirota, who occasionally plays a "token liberal" on Fox News, has been huffing and puffing about the celebrity games that Obama is playing around the talk-show circuit…

As you back off the public option and demand an extension of the Patriot Act, I’m fairly disappointed in you on policy grounds. However, I’m downright irritated with your seeming desire to be a celebrity icon first, and a political leader second…

And now Barack Obama has responded to Sirota’s criticism, through his sock-puppet Jacob Freeze…

Z’up, Dave! This is Barack Obama, speaking to you through my sock-puppet Jacob Freeze.

I caught your act on Fox a few weeks ago and… dude!

You need a new suit!

Malia kept asking me "Is that a monkey, Mr. President? Is that a monkey in a bad suit?"

It’s very cute how she calls me "Mr. President" instead of "pater," which a couple of writers pushed at pre-rehearsal. This took the role in a very "Lisa Simpson" direction, and we probably had to recast, but Michelle nixed that, and then Rahm just had to say "We coulda had Thandie Newton," and Michelle got him in a scissors-lock, which woulda been the end of that little weasel except the show-runner Axelrod got her off him, but both of them were so beat-up already that we had to use body doubles for the next four episodes.

So take care of that suit thing, Dave, and don’t let my sock-puppet Jacob Freeze get delusions of grandeur! He was supposed play my "conscience" in the sequel, but that role got left on the cutting-room floor.

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