All of Our Problems, Explained in One Paragraph

Obama Portrait
Many Americans seem to exhibit unthinking loyalty to party leaders.

I was reading The Guardian when I stumbled across a piece by Ana Marie Cox that included a paragraph that succinctly explains the root to all of our problems. After pointing out that Republican critics of current spying on Americans claim that the reason not so many on the left are as critical is because of “slavish devotion to President Obama, whatever policies he might champion” she says:

This is an easy argument to make – and it goes both ways. Polling among Democratic and Republican voters shows a mirror-image of approval for Obama’s use of the tactic to Bush’s use of it. Since 2002, the number of Democrats who approved monitoring online activities has increased 12 points; among Republicans it has decreased 13 points. Since 2006, the number of Republicans who say the government should prioritize privacy over hunting terrorists has risen 22 points; Democrats who say the government should prioritize preventing terrorism over privacy has gone up 18 points.

Now for those slow on the uptake (or math), what that paragraph says is that a solid 25% to 40% of Americans change their view on policies depending on which party is carrying them out.

That is an astonishing number. Far worse than even I thought, and I’ve already written off the people of this country as deserving of what’s coming. When such a significant portion of a population cares only WHO is doing something as opposed to WHAT is being done, then by Dog they absolutely deserve everything that results from that.

And make no mistake, this explains ALL of our problems, or, more precisely, why those in power are allowed to get away with all the crap they get away with that results in all of our problems. You wanna know why we’re always at war? Because no matter which party is in power, enough of a coalition is there to support “their war” to allow them to continue. Want to know why the destruction of the US Constitution continues despite a change in the party in power? Again, it’s because both parties can do ANYTHING THEY WANT, including the exact same thing as the other party, and maintain enough party loyalty to prevent major losses and swings in power.

When such a significant portion of an electorate remains loyal to party over principle, there can never be any accountability for violating principle. And that’s how you end up with…. well, eventually, totalitarianism, of which fascism is the right wing example of choice.

So enjoy your years of fascism Americans, because by Dog you are the most deserving people of it in the world today. When you consider that 25-40% of the population will allow ANY behavior by the government (as long as it’s “their” guys doing it) and that another 30-40% are willfully ignorant and/or don’t give a crap either way, you’re left with a significant majority of people that support or don’t care enough that the government is moving toward totalitarianism. And in a democracy, the people deserve whatever a majority is ok with. That’s the way a democracy is supposed to work.

If you’re a true patriot, that cares about principle over party, then my advice to you is… get out. Because none of this is going to change as long as these facts remain. And I see no way to change these facts. Both parties have been so successful at making their followers so scared of “the other” that they can truly get away with ANYTHING.

If you don’t believe me, then do what I’ve been doing for four years now. Ask anyone that still supports the D’s despite what they’ve done, if there is ANYTHING, anything at all, that the D’s can do that would result in them no longer supporting them. And, like me, you won’t get an answer. Because there isn’t one. They can literally do ANYTHING under the sun, and still receive the support of their loyal followers. And when you allow someone in power to do anything they want, well guess what? They’ll do anything they damn well want.

To the true patriots, good luck to you. You’re going to need it. To the hypocrites that are responsible for this, I only hope your offspring are less hypocritical. And that they know damn well who to blame for their suffering, because you also deserve that.

Photo by Elizabeth Cromwell released under a Creative Commons Share Alike license.

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