The Pendulum

This election has brought hope to progressives that a sea change can occur with the election of Barack Obama. In one thing there certainly has been a sea change – a black man will live in the White House and hold the highest office in the land. That change came with one election, but the struggle has been more than 250 years.We have seen the rise of the right over the past 30 years moving the center to the right so to speak. The pendulum of politics has swung right. Right where the corporations want it, Right where the proto fascists wanted it (well they wanted even more). But now the pendulum has run out of energy and is about to swing back to the "other side" of the political scale.

And to get there it will HAVE to pass through the center.This may be what Obama stands for… the force moving left but getting there via the center. What does that mean? If this theory is correct It means we will see him employ the "establishment" to ease toward the center and slowly place more and more progressive ideas and movers and shakers at the "con". We will see the old democratic and a few republican "retreads" take the key posts at first only to be replaced by more progressives as "things get moving in the correct direction".There will be no revolution in America. We are not going to take up arms against out corporate oppressors. We will not see the society crash and burn to the point of a phoenix rising. We will see a pendulum swing back to the center and if we are vigilant we can send it over to the left.And can it be held there? That debate is for another time. Right now we need to push it leftward and Obama is the ticket to ride as we change direction.What say you?

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