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June 09, 2010

WA: Michele Strobel’s grandstanding in Yakima is getting embarrassingly obvious

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I’ve introduced you to Michele Strobel before.  Strobel is the anti-gay candidate who is challenging Representative Norm Johnson (R-Yakima) for his seat in the state House because Johnson co-sponsored the domestic partnership expansion bill.  Rep. Johnson has two gay sons.

It was a slap in the face to Christians,” Strobel said. “It was a slap in the face to traditional values.”

Since her campaign kickoff in January, this resident of Selah seems to be addicted to grandstanding in Yakima.  The crass maneuver has become embarrassingly obvious and has not gone unnoticed by the Yakima Herald, which noted:

Michele Strobel [is] a Selah resident and Republican candidate for state Legislature who has been a regular presence at Yakima City Hall lately.

Strobel lives in Selah, has a business in Selah, is on the board of the Selah Chamber of Commerce, goes to church in Selah and has based her election committee in Selah.  So why is she all of a sudden making herself a feature in Yakima?  Selah is one of the smallest cities in the legislative district while Yakima is the largest.  If you were going to launch a crass campaign of political grandstanding, which would you choose?

So far, Strobel has butted into Yakima’s business on the issues of immigration, strip clubs, a National Day of Prayer proclamation and bikini baristas.  With the exception of the prayer proclamation, her efforts have largely flopped: the Yakima City Council rejected the anti-immigrant measure she was pushing; the poor attendance at a picket she attended against a proposed strip club was blamed on “gusty winds“; and the bikini baristas she attempted to “save” from their jobs felt belittled and rejected her patronizing meddling.In contrast to her sudden mushrooming of interest in Yakima’s business, Strobel appears to be completely uninvolved in her own city’s government.  According to the minutes of Selah City Council from 12 May 2009 through 11 May 2010, Strobel has not participated in any of the Council’s public hearings or been recorded addressing the council via written or oral communications.

Strobel was involved in getting this year’s National Day of Prayer proclamation passed by the Yakima City Council, so you’d think she would have made it a point to attend the April 27th meeting of the Selah City Council.  On that day not only did the council vote on Selah’s National Day of Prayer proclamation, but there was a preliminary vote on a Councilmember’s suggestion to strike the phrase “humbling ourselves before God, confessing our national sins and praying for His forgiveness and mercy for ourselves and for our nation.” from the proclamation because it contradicted the preceding phrase “each in our own manner”.  One would have thought that someone stating the following on the front page of her campaign website would be front and center defending the establishment of religion in her own town:

Let us not forget, this country was founded on Godly principles; we are One Nation Under God, Not One Big Government over the People!

Nope, she didn’t participate in that discussion.  One wonders about the depth of her sincerity on issues she claims to care about.

In Strobel’s most recent bout of grandstanding documented by the Yakima Herald, she lobbied the Yakima City Council to start using E-Verify to check on the immigration status of city workers and contractors.  The Council rejected the proposal for a number of reasons, including the concern that it would be “counterproductive to the city’s efforts to build an environment of cooperation between whites and Latinos.”  It can’t be any coincidence that Strobel is 100% in sync with NumbersUSA, the natavist anti-immigrant ‘population control’ group that tracks which businesses and states have chosen to use E-Verify.  So far she is the only local candidate in WA to answer their survey.

In the same article the Yakima Herald printed a quote from conservative Yakima City Councilmember Rick Ensey that puts Strobel’s grandstanding to shame simply by Ensey being the real republican deal (emphasis added):

“I don’t have concerns about E-Verify in general,” Ensey said later. “I think if we had a discussion surrounding using E-Verify to hire city employees, I’d be in favor of that. But I had a big problem about discussion that it applies to all contractors with no limit or dollar amount. I can’t call myself a small-government, free-enterprise council member and vote for that motion.”

Well to be fair, Strobel never called herself a “small-government” advocate.  Oh wait, yes she did.  In fact, it’s the first thing she claims on her campaign website:

I represent small business, limited government…



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