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May 08, 2009

Gary Randall Sees What He Wants to See

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UPDATE:  Oregon Gary’s Washington operative, Larry Stickney, posts his own straw poll that adds up to 86%, lol.  See screen shot below the fold.

Oregonian Gary Randall posted a survey on his blog yesterday.  He did so because he refused to accept the unsurprising news Monday that few of Washington State’s major religious right figures think it is wise to pursue the anti-domestic partnership referendum Gary is hawking in Washington.  They can read and understand the polls, even if Gary can’t.

Today Oregon Gary reports some very interesting results from his online survey:

Faith and Freedom is getting a little different picture. With several hundreds filling out our survey, it is running, as of this morning, 98.8% who favor the referendum and 6.7% who oppose it. The other 1.5% aren’t sure.

Percentages apparently add up to 107 in Oregon Gary’s universe, not 100.  But we all know Gary’s a wizard with the numbers.  

Also, “several hundreds” responded?  Big whoop.  I can find 200 people to agree with just about anything.  It’s the other 120,377 you’re not hearing from that I’d be concerned with, Gary.  Remember, you need 120,577 valid signatures from Washington voters to qualify your referendum.  And as an Oregon voter, you can’t even sign your own referenDUMB petition.

By the way, Gary, man up.  It wasn’t Danny Westneat of the evil Seattle Times who surveyed the religious right majors of Washington, as you would have us think from your blog post.  It was Bothell’s own Pastor Joe Fuiten of the Cedar Park Assembly of God.  Look your adversary in the eye.UPDATE:  Larry has had a straw poll running since mid-December, 2008 on his website.  All along, “Defense of Marriage” has only been the top concern of about 20% of his readers.  Dan Savage had a look at the poll back in March:

[M]ore of the respondents to its poll are concerned about illegal immigration (24.6%) and parental consent for abortion (23%) than are worried about defending the institution of marriage from people who want to, um, get married (20.2%). (Aren’t people who don’t want to get married a bigger threat? Or people who want to get divorced?) This probably wasn’t the result the Washington Values Alliance wanted when it posted this poll alongside info about its “Stand Up for Marriage” rally this Thursday in Olympia.

The ranking hadn’t changed until this week, when miraculously marriage has been elevated to the top position (but still only a top concern of about 20% of respondents).  Note that just like Oregon Gary’s survey, the percentages don’t add up.  In this case, they total to 86%.  Larry?  He not smart.


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