Picked to Lose 2: Alvin “Forrest Gump” Greene Goes to Washington

by Scott Creighton

You gotta see this. Alvin Greene is taking his "Forrest Gump Goes t Washington" performance to a whole new level. He’s babbling on national TV he’s being "shifty eyed" when asking questions… the only thing he is NOT doing to make sure no one votes for Alvin Greene is raping a puppy on camera while wearing a tee-shirt that says "I (heart) FRANCE!"

Apparently Alvin Greene filed as an indigent in South Carolina in order to get a public defender while he had $10,400 is his pocket just burning a hole to plop down for a shot at the United States Senate.

Q: “So how did you win?”

A: “Got my message out to the people. Hard work.”

Q: “Really? Like what? You had no campaign events, no advertising, no posters… how did you get your message out to the people?”

A: “You know. Old fashioned campaigning”

Q: “Really? Where did you go? Who did you meet? Who did you talk to?”

A: (pause) “… all over the state…” (pause)

Does the phrase “shifty eyed” mean anything to you? How about "poor acting"? That’s the kind of questions I would have asked him.

Oh wait… here’s another video… it gets worse. Here’s a phone interview with Alvin Greene on Fox News…

(note: he says he saved the money for the filing fee, $10,400, over the course of 2 years… now during that time, around Dec. or Jan. he had to apply to get a Public Defender… did he have to file as an indigent to get that?)

Now, if you are really a glutton for punishment, watch old Alvin “Forrest Gump” Greene on Countdown… it’s a beauty.

“How do you think people heard of your name before the election?”

pause “… uh. Word of mouth. I got the word around. It’s not luck. 60% of the vote…” pause “.. I had 60% of the vote…” pause “60% of the vote is not luck” “That’s a decisive wins”

You can actually hear the guy off-screen telling him what to say… Alvin looks over at the guy then looks down at the ground because he knows we heard the guy… and then Keith has to mention the guy feeding him answers off camera because it was so obvious (of course it was obvious… they don’t want your vote… get it?)

Just a reminder from one of my earlier articles about this topic…

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