We Are Divorced.

The divorce papers came in the mail today. Two thick envelopes filled with the legalities of our lives. One was addressed to me. The other was addressed to Ron. Even though we knew it was coming both of us were stunned. It felt hollow.

Eleven years ago we were married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by our friends and families. It was a great day. We were married in the Sonoma Mission.


We had our reception in the backyard of a beautiful Victorian home. The only thing we asked our friends to bring was food. We had a Klezmer band. All of the band members are friends.




But today we are divorced and now I can receive my first husband’s social security. This means that we can do things like eat and make the house payment. If you don’t think this can happen to you take a close look at the pictures. I bet we look a lot like your family and friends. (Here is the entire story on the off chance that you haven’t already read it.)

We will remarry next year when Ron will be on medicare. We will have a big party and it will be on his birthday. You are all invited. And, yes, we can remarry and keep the benefits.

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