Let’s Pick-Old Crow Medicine Show

Howdy pickers n grinners!

Been a long time, TOOOOO long since we picked one. But I stumbled across a tune I’ve loved for a decade, by a band I’ve loved for a decade, that I could never find on youtube.

Pass the jug n cut to the chase Larue, yer wastin white space.

Here’s Their Wiki, Great Story. Lineup’s Changed Over The Years, But They Still Got What Made Them SO Good . . .

Here’s Their Classic, Everyone Knows . . . N Still Plays At Every Camp Jam, Fest, Or Local Jams. I gotta tell yas, I mist up every time I sing this one, still . . . don’t even know why . . . it’s a glorious Dylan song by a glorious bunch of dudes having so much fun it’s sick.

Everyone knows the chorous . . . so shut up n SANG IT!

So rock me mama like a wagon wheel
Rock me mama any way ya feel
Hey hey hey, mama rock me
Rock me mama like the wind and the rain
Rock me mama like a southbound train
Hey hey hey, mama rock me

(those of you who know all the words just jump in, we ain’t worried about harmony theory here, just sang yer hearts out)

Here’s another of their songs I’ve always loved . . . yeah, I hear them all.

All y’all make sure you read their wiki, it’s one of the best wiki’s out there to capture the flavor n spirit n history of a band IMHO.

I particularly like this part, which really tells the UNINITIATED OCMS newbie’s a story to capture yer hearts . . .

One day, while the band was busking outside a pharmacy called Boone Drug in Boone, North Carolina, the daughter of folk-country legend Doc Watson happened by and was impressed by what she heard. Doc Watson invited the band to participate in his annual MerleFest music festival in Wilkesboro, North Carolina.[5] That break led to the act’s relocation to Nashville in 2000,[3] where they were “embraced and mentored” by Marty Stuart, the president of the Grand Ole Opry, Gillian Welch and Welch’s longtime songwriting partner and guitarist, David Rawlings.[5] Stuart helped them land some high profile gigs and Rawlings later produced their first two albums “O.C.M.S” and Big Iron World (2006).[5]

In continuing the wiki, here’s more:

“It’s such a pivotal part of American music making, the sound that was created in the 1920s, before the radios, before bluegrass, before record sales were nearly as important–back in the old days when people thought that maybe they shouldn’t make records, like making records was a way that other bands would steal their live shows.”[6]

Busking their way across Canada and USA, livin out of a car or two. Droppin in on every streetcorner like Willie N The Poor Boys (see Credence Clearwater Revival) . . . playin music to eat from quarters n dollar bills tossed into open git cases (they hold more n a banjo case ya know) . . . this is as roots and git down life as any musician looking to cut a name for themself ever lived.

These guys are downhome . . . REAL down home, How down home ARE they, Larue? Glad ya asked.

Heh, Let’s Pick Gets Side Tracked . .

THESE dudes were down home, too, I still got 2 vinyls of this one (lord, remember reverb in the 60’s? what a great sound!).

Ok, back to OCMS . . . all that busking, road warrior living . . . music, street corners . . . heat, cold, rain, snow, hail, wind . . . livin out of cars n a suitcase . . . . but still meeting folks across the lands and pickin and grinnin n sippin n smokin n a home cooked meal from friendly folks who took them in . . .

N then:

They made their Grand Ole Opry debut on the Ryman Auditorium stage in 2001 to a standing ovation.[7]

The rest is history. I saw them once, only once, at Strawberry Music Fest . . . Lord They Were Great.

I have heard whispers they still get as much per show as Alison Kruass N Union Station . . . which is upwards of $60K . . .

I can’t find their breakout show at Ryman Auditorium with Gillian Welch N David Rawlings, but I found this tune and gem (which they did at Ryman long ago) from a European show . . . just four of them OCMS dudes . . . still a great great vid n song, one you all know . . . *G* (volume’s a bit low, crank it up)

So, all y’all sang along with the chorus again, everyone knows it. N those of you who know all the words, just let it rip. Those of you in the balcony just rattle yer jewelry . . . (bless John Lennon)

I thought I was done, but sometimes, ya just gotta tear it down.

N fall down on yer knees.

Ok, that’s Old Crow Medicine Show . . . but I’ve saved MY personal fav for last . . . yeah, I know, another one? How good can it BE Larue?

Well, I think it tells the story of a time when the trains and rails broke the backs of the boatmen, barges, ropes and canals and locks . . . cuz that big iron hauls so much more . . . it’s fun to play, sing, and to me, is their best work I’ve heard . . . it’s all theirs, home writ, too.

Love that band, their stories, the music . . . the pickin.

Here’s hopin a fest, a campsite, wood fire, n a buncha pickers n some sippin n smokin magic finds ya and drags yer song and voice out of ya all hours of the evening till the sun rises . . . cuz it don’t get any better n that.

One last edit, I gotta credit a long time fest pal named TubDude for turning me on to so much music, and OCMS . . . for that I am forever thankful hoss . . . n he’s festin this weekend somewhere, too, with his honey, and they both play washtub bass and are GOOD at it. Gotta love it, they is fun in any camp and at any jam . . . bless you two. *G*

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