An Evil, Sickly, Thin, Grim Smile Came To His Face

Was elsewhere reading something just now.

And amidst the carnage of the House losses Tuesday, losing Feingold and all else recently and for the past 4 years since we gave the fucking Dem’s OUR blessing and mandate to FIX SHIT and they proceeded to crap all over us, our jobs, our healthcare, our housing, our civil liberties, our civil RIGHTS . . . our lives.

Amidst a rage that’s been fired and fueled by 8 years of BushKo, and now the betrayal by the Dem’s for 4 years, by Obama . . . amidst an anger and pure rage at the WRONGNESS of it all, the LARGESSE of it all, the absolute and utter devastation of millions of our lives, the lives of we the people . . .

Amidst all that . . . I read THIS!

And An Evil, Sickly, Thin, Grim Smile Came To My Face.

As New Yawhkers or New Joyzeeians might say:

“Fuck you, you fucking fucks!”

Or, as Robby Benson once put it in a teen basketball movie:

“All the way up, Coach. With a red hot poker.”

I hereby declare this a Fuckity Fuck Thread.

Have at it Pups, it’s vent time.

Show Your Evil, Sickly, Thin, Grim Smiles.

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