Imagine This: Far Fetched or Par for the Course?

Having become an avid observer of US politics in the last two decades, I have come to expect Machiavellian tricks, lies and deceit so brazen that it makes the likes of Joseph Goebbels and Karl Rove look like Mickey Mouse.  

When the current administration attacked the twin towers and then blamed “terrorists” for it, Americans were persuaded by the emotional hype to hate this vague enemy and go to war, to prove that we still had our American machismo in tact, if nothing else.  But the rest of the world just shrugged and said America had it coming. You can’t be the bully on the block forever without suffering some kind of revenge.  

Later, when it came to light that the “war on terror” was just an excuse for a war that the Bush hawks were going to have anyway, to gain hegemony in a militarily strategic, oil producing region, the criticism even started to flow from within America’s own borders.  

How can the corporate banking mega-tycoon megalomaniacs make a war that is actually popular?  This is the new problem that they will spend our tax dollars solving…. and here, dear readers, is one way that they might succeed.  While I shudder at the thought, every thought that I shudder at seems to become reality, so why should this be different?

They use the media to create an iconic figure who represents what everyone loves about America — integrity, personal achievement, beating the odds, and equality of opportunity for all.  They let this universally (even globally) loved icon become the great black hope of America, the one that everyone adores….. then, when he has won the election and hope is at its peak, they stage his assassination and blame it on an enemy that they really need to get rid of, and whose land is even more strategically placed than Iraq, and that has even more resources to exploit.

Everyone’s anger and disappointment will be so profound, the resentment so huge, that America could declare war on Mary Poppins and still get the uncritical support of the United Nations!  What little is left of civil liberties will be destroyed under the pretext of destroying the enemies of Obama, etc, etc.

This is how the weenie Rove-o-crats in Washington will take a great opportunity and turn it into pure evil, with their rapacious lust for everything distorted and perverse.  Mark these words….. do not be a sucka!

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