The Bathroom Police Invade Montana

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Today, I found out that Missoula, Montana’s city council has scheduled a vote for April 12th on a non discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation and gender identity. This is a good step forward for the state of Montana. If you do not know, Missoula is known as the bastion of the progressive movement in Montana. Unfortunately this has brought out the crazies that we have seen across the country. From Gainsville to Kalamazoo, The Blend has covered the crazy bathroom meme. Get ready for some keyboard protection, because this website — — contains the crazy to a new level.

The Missoulian, the local news paper has done two articles that can be found here: Human rights group wants sexual orientation non discrimination ordinance and Missoula Councilors introduce proposal.

So kudos for those councilors working for our equality:

The ordinance protects people in the areas of employment, housing and public accommodations. The draft defines public accommodations as “a place that caters or offers its services, goods, or facilities to the general public … (including) a public inn, restaurant, eating house, hotel, roadhouse … motel, soda fountain, soft drink parlor, tavern, nightclub, trailer park, resort, campground, barbering, cosmetology, electrology … swimming pool, skating rink, golf course, cafe, ice cream parlor … hospital and all other public amusement and business establishments.”

It makes exceptions for “distinctly private” clubs or institutions. Organizations with more than 100 members don’t fall into that category, according to the draft. Lodges of national fraternal organizations are considered private.

[More below the fold.]That right there does cover the organizations like the Eagles or the Masons or whoever that the right wingnuts are afraid we are trying to invade. The notmybathroom people believe this ordinance is just an excuse for the destruction of the American life.

On their website, they published a letter imploring the citizenry to get involved. From the letter linked to on its front page, the writer assails society for this homosexual agenda acceptance. It is the usual round of the Peter and the Bam-Bam type bleating. To quote from the letter the writer also goes off on the Catholic church.

Remember, the Catholic Church did not have a problem because they allowed molesters to become Priests. They suffered horrendous damage because they allowed homosexuals to become Priests. That is why most of the children and young people molested were boys. That is the same experience the Boy Scouts of America had and the reason they will not allow homosexuals to work with their boys.

The letter has 7 points on how to defend against the Agenda. Each point is what you would expect and they get crazier by each point. Point 7 has some goodies.

The law would put a stamp of acceptance on homosexuality and give the homosexuals special protection. There seems to be a feeling that this law would close the loop and if they can get homosexuals protected then everyone will be. The opposite is true. There have been discrimination and violent crimes and even murders in Missoula of people who were Veterans or homeless. Most people would not be protected from discrimination under the new law and the list is long. A few examples are fat people, skinny people, smart people, dumb people, foster children, adopted children, foster parents, ugly people, beautiful people, etc.

The writer tries to use the evil strawman against us and then plays to the emotions of the readers. I love the use of the ugly person and the beautiful person. I fail to understand how this is even remotely related to the real discrimination that we have faced out there. The worst part about this writer is that there is no name attached though the writer on the site claims to have fought the homosexual agenda for almost two decades. This person is much like the freepers hiding behind the intertubes anonymity. On the front page an address and phone number is listed, but no other contact info.

I would like to close with two more quotes to illustrate how this writer uses every tried and true talking point by the wing nut right.


Does this mean that the participants in this group hate homosexuals and those who may be gender confused? Absolutely not! This alliance is made up of people who have close friends and co-workers and family members who claim to be homosexual and some gender confused. We don’t treat them any different than anyone else. However, we must recognize the freedom and right of people to be able to hire and house and allow in bathrooms, locker rooms and showers whomever they feel safe to allow in those places or positions. Why should organizations like the Boy Scouts be required to allow girls in their “activities” or be required to hire homosexuals or gender confused people to teach the boys in the program?

So we are not hated by you, but you are preventing us from having equal rights. The writer claims to not treat us differently but by discriminating they are.

Finally, a little biblical perspective from the author:

As we slouch toward Gomorrah I hope people will wake up and speak out before it is too late. For the sake of children and families you need to get involved.

Oh the poor children. What about our children and our families. Yet again we fail to register to them as families and children.

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