Don’t know much about History, don’t know much about Science…don’t do Math really well, so WHY would we trust you with Economics?

I’m kinda tired of the entire political system we have. Between the ones already in and the doofus up-and-comers..we need to tear this entire thing down and start again..Observe :

Are you absolutely SURE you want to trust these people with Economic Policy?



but wait, there’s more..

are you SURE on those figures now????


I understand you are concerned about our deficit? Are you SURE you actually know what that means?? Given the evidence above, I’m having some doubts. If you can not handle basic subjects like History, Science or Math..I highly doubt you have any kind of grasp of a much more complex subject – Economics. Plain to me as you keep referring to a Family Budget as your analogy. NO America’s Economic Policy is NOT like a family budget – it is far more complex than that. You have no problems giving yourself Tax Breaks when the Nation and the World is on its knees though do you? And pahlease don’t give me the old “we worked harder than everyone else” shit…you robbed everyone knowingly (tho until this week NONE of the Banks had truly been investigated and they are just beginning now) and now you want Tax Breaks on the money you stole too? You want those Tax Breaks to come at the even further expense of those you robbed to begin with??

Get a clue – NOT HAPPENING!!


ps.  Has the ‘George Bush Dumbass’ syndrome become THE requirement for running on the Republican ticket..??

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