Walker’s Not The Only Recall Game In Town

(photo: rochelle, et. al.)

Just a reminder that the Walker recall isn’t the only one going on in Wisconsin.

Control of the state Senate is also at stake, with four Republican senators up for recall. If even one of them loses, control of the state Senate — currently evenly split — swings to the Democrats:

Republicans currently have control of both houses in the Wisconsin State Legislature.

But come Tuesday, that could all change.

It will only take one democratic win for democrats to take control of the State Senate.

The four republican senators being recalled include Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, State Senators Van Wanggaard, Terry Moulton and Pam Galloway.

Galloway resigned earlier this year so Jerry Petrowski will be running in her place.

The four are being recalled for the same reason as republican Governor Scott Walker, their decision to end most public workers’ collective bargaining rights to balance the state budget.

My Wisconsin friends tell me that it’s almost a certainty that at least one, and probably two, of these seats will get flipped to the Democrats. That effectively ends Walker’s enjoyment of a rubber-stamp legislature.

He’ll still be able to do damage, but a good deal less than before.

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