Poor Mitch Berg: Still Clueless on Redistricting

(Mitch-as-parrot courtesy of Ken Avidor; leather paddle image courtesy of me.)
As Sally Jo Sorensen notes, Mitch Berg really is the best the local Minnesota conservative Republican blogging brigade has to offer. Honestly, he is.

Which is why it’s telling that Sorensen, without even breathing hard, can find that which is invisible to Berg — the presence of Republicans on the Citizens’ Commission on Redistricting:

Having failed to find more than one  Republican on the Commission, Berg quite logically concludes that Draw the Line Minnesota has constructed nothing but a progressive Potemkin Village in Citizens’ Commission. Fair enough based on the research he presents.

But given Berg’s completely solid credentials as a blogger and researcher, it’s a bit puzzling that he missed spotting Kent Kaiser.  Having enlisted our Pretend Internet Boyfriend Mr. Google as unpaid intern on the prairie, we found a lot of connections between Professor Kaiser and Minnesota’s conservative Republicans.

Berg writes:

Kent Kaiser of St. Paul is a professor of communication at Northwestern College. Previously, he served as the communications and voter outreach director in the office of the Minnesota Secretary of State. While with the Secretary of State’s office, he serviced as liaison to the U.S. Census Bureau and on the boards of Kids Voting Minnesota and Kids Voting St. Paul.

Yet again – not a single political contribution found.

Since Berg uses criteria in addition to political contributions to assess other members of the commission, it’s fair to look beyond  contributions for evidence of Mr. Kaiser’s political leanings.

Mr. Google reports that Kaiser is a senior fellow at the Center of the American Experiment, where he’s been posting articles since 2009 or so. The bio on the latest article:

Kent Kaiser is an assistant professor of communication at Northwestern College in St. Paul, a Center of the American Experiment senior fellow, and a native of Silver Bay who formerly served as communications and voter outreach director for Minnesota Secretaries of State Mary Kiffmeyer, a Republican, and Mark Ritchie, a DFLer.

Kaiser was brought into the SOS office by Kiffmeyer and stayed trough the beginning of Ritchie’s first term. His much publicized report, No Longer A National Model: Fifteen Recommendations for Fixing Minnesota Election Law and Practice, was published by the CAE in 2009.

Go read the whole thing. Sorensen doesn’t merely take down Berg; she smacks his bottom with the “OUCH” paddle.