Wearing Tinfoil Hats Makes You Easier to Roll

Oh, dear. I see that folks are all up in arms about Greg Craig’s alleged ties to Karl Rove, and how that means he’s Up To Something, and how that means that Obama’s an evil tool of Karl Rove and it’s time to ship him off to The Hague eeek eeek eeek.

Well, there’s One Small Problem here: He’s a good friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton. In fact, he represented Bill Clinton against the Republican Congress’ House Managers during the impeachment farce of ten years ago.

From RightPundits, a right-wing blog:

You remember this guy don’t you? He’s Gregory B. Craig who first became a national figure when he represented President Clinton in his Senate impeachment trial. He endorsed Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries and later played a key role in The One’s vice presidential vetting process. He actually played the role of John McCain in debate preparations for the 2008 elections.

Now reports say he has been tapped to the The One’s White House Counsel. It should be finalized and then announced sometime next week. And just so you know, the White House Counsel is actually among the most powerful of the West Wing inner circle. It serves as the President’s lawyer, giving him legal advice and handling pardons and conflict-of-interest issues.

Interestingly though, in its November 2008 issue, the American Bar Association’s monthly magazine, ABA Journal, predicted that Greg Craig would be named Secretary of State in an Obama administration. Whatever.

Is it just me or does The One’s administration of hope and change look alot like used, perjured, and impeached?

No mention of Rove here. If Craig really was Karl Rove’s BFF, I seriously doubt that a Google trawl of "craig obama" would currently (and for some time beforehand) have this RightPundits post as its very first search result.

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