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May 31, 2009

Is Gary Randall Perpetrating Fraud?

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Since at least May 5, 2009, Gary Randall has been asking people to contribute to his Referendum 71 effort by making a donation to the Faith and Freedom PAC.  The Faith and Freedom PAC page reads, in part,

The Faith & Freedom Political Action Committee is presently, exclusively committed to Washington State Referendum 71. All donations to the PAC are used for the Referendum 71 project.

That first statement is a baldfaced lie, and here is the proof:  The most recent registration form for the Faith and Freedom PAC that Gary Randall and Senator Dan Swecker filed with the Washington Public Disclosure Commission clearly states that the PAC is not a Ballot Committee, but an Other Political Committee.  Further, it is registered as a continuing (ongoing) committee, not a single-year committee as would be expected for a ballot committee.  This means that the PAC is not dedicated to Referendum 71.  In fact, Oregon Gary has used this multi-purpose PAC in the past to manipulate Washington judicial and legislative elections.

Washington law clearly states that “Any material change in information previously submitted in a statement of organization [such as the purpose of the committee] shall be reported to the commission and to the appropriate county elections officer within the ten days following the change.”.  A sobering list of “Civil Remedies and Sanctions” is listed here for those who flout Washington’s public disclosure laws.  Oregonians are not allowed any special dispensation.Randall has directed Ref. 71 donations into his Faith & Freedom PAC no less than 13 times on his blog in May, 2009.  At such times, Randall usually made a direct link between Ref. 71 and the donation with language like this.

Your donation to the PAC helps us move forward to overturn SB 5688 with Referendum 71. We will begin gathering signatures as soon as the Governor signs the bill.

Here are links to Randall’s offending blog posts from May, 2009.

May 5, 2009;  May 6, 2009;  May 11, 2009;  May 12, 2009;  May 13, 2009;  May 15, 2009;  May 18, 2009;  May 19, 2009;  May 20, 2009;  May 21, 2009;  May 22, 2009;  May 27, 2009;  May 28, 2009

Prior to May, 2009, Gary Randall misdirected referendum-related funds into the accounts of his Oregon-based organizations Faith and Freedom Network, and Faith and Freedom Foundation.  There is a pattern emerging.

I expect better from a pastor, even one who is a carpetbagging tax evader.  But sadly, I hear roach-like hissing when I turn on the light.

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