Another Maine “Sanctity of Marriage” Saga: “Beam Us Up, Scotty!”

Don’t get me wrong; I have absolutely nothing whatsoever against this couple or the couple who had a sports motif wedding recently.

I think it’s great, actually- being married to my best friend for almost 17 years now has given me the greatest of happiness and joy…

But not everyone in Maine can say the same and until they do, I see stories like this and it just “burns my *ss”, as they say up here… and what’s more, this wedding will be the result of a contest.

Anyone hear about members of clergy protesting this? Yeah, I THOUGHT not…

Few guys can claim the backing of Starfleet officers when they stand at the altar, but Brad Siegel of Lyman is not your typical groom.

Siegel and his fiancee, Kate Erwin, will tie the knot Sept. 13 at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute in the ultimate “Star Trek”-themed wedding. The ceremony will be held on a replica of the Starship Enterprise bridge, which is part of a traveling exhibition that will be at the museum until Sept. 20.

Initially, the couple, who moved to Maine in December, hoped to marry at a “Star Trek” replica in Las Vegas. But while they were making wedding plans, the attraction was demolished.

Resigned to planning a traditional wedding, Siegel, 53, and Erwin, 34, happened to learn that the Franklin Institute, which is near Erwin’s hometown of Phoenixville, Pa., was holding a contest to let one couple host their wedding inside the exhibit.

Siegel and Erwin entered, along with 15 other couples, and on July 21, the results of the public online vote, which followed the selection of the top three by a celebrity panel, revealed that the Mainers had won.

They were ecstatic and quickly began planning their big day.

“Everything we wanted to do in Las Vegas at the original ‘Star Trek’ exhibit, we can do in Kate’s hometown,” Siegel said.

And then there’s this Youtube making the rounds, where a bride gets the uncontrollable giggles.

It is wafflely awfully funny and certainly I get the giggles and squawk alot, too…

Any protests about THIS one? No?

Huh. What a surprise.

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