NOM’s Rhode Island Party Plans Sound More Like A Party Pooper

NOM’s highly anticipated “Rhode Island’s First Annual Celebrate Family and Marriage Day” (“RIFACFAMD”?) is- gasp!- tomorrow.

Wow, what fun: A hot New England summer day. Ah, it doesn’t get to be any more “family fun” than this!

Be sure to throw on a swimsuit and splash on the suntan lotion to catch some rays, pack up a cooler of beer and the BBQ grill, bring the dogs and their Frisbees or tennis balls, grab the boombox and stacks of fave CDs- and be sure to have lots of cheerful and friendly, brightly colored posters or at least T-shirts, supporting ALL families!

Well, maybe not quite so much of… well, ANY of this.

Check out the long laundry list all of the rules below the fold…

Hint: Just think “NO!!!”Sounds like a trip to a Wal-Mart parking lot would be a helluva lot more entertaining than THIS snoozer!

If this is NOM’s idea of how to celebrate marriage and families, no WONDER the divorce rate is over 50% in this country and more hetero couples are giving marriage a complete pass.

Who the heck can blame them, with this sort of mentality planning “celebrations”?

Swap meets at the local library have less rules and are more fun:

While we are excited for the event, there are a few last minute instructions we want you all to have in order to make this day as enjoyable as possible.

Please remember, this event is held on private property. The event is open to everyone who wishes to celebrate unions of husbands and wives with us, regardless of whether they are personally married or not.

It is not a political event; its purpose is to celebrate and affirm the value of marriage in Rhode Island, which remains by law a union between a husband and wife.

The vow renewal is for couples who are eligible for marriage licenses under current Rhode Island law. Singles and others are welcome to watch from the sides.

The following rules are intended to make the event safe, respectful, dignified and enjoyable. Any person disregarding or violating these rules, in the sole opinion of the event sponsor, will be removed.

1. No grills or outdoor cooking.

2. No pets.

3. No swimming in the bay.

4. No posters, signs, displays or booths except those previously approved by the event sponsor.

5. No leaflets, handouts or literature may be circulated or distributed without express permission of the event sponsor.

6. No costumes, masks or outrageous clothing will be allowed.

7. No disruptive behavior will be tolerated at any time during the event.

8. No clothing shall be worn which contains any messages or symbols deemed offensive to the sponsor of the event.

Sunday August 16th is going to be a fun and safe time as we gather together to celebrate the goodness and wonder of our marriages to our husbands and wives. Please come on out and enjoy the day with us.

Looking forward to a day with you all,

Christopher C. Plante

Executive Director

National Organization for Marriage – Rhode Island

Westminster Square Building

10 Dorrance St. Suite 809

Providence, RI 02903

Office : (401) 228-7602

Mobile: (401) 954-7173

Fax: (401) 228-7603


Aw, gee, I think I’m gonna give this lil “fun fest” a pass and go sit in a waiting room at the ER for 9 hours with dozens of my sickest and closest neighbors for an emergency root canal instead…  

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