Come One, Come All: Grand Opening of “Protect Maine Equality” Office in Portland

Remember when it was reported that Stand For Maine Marriage’s Marc Mutty had been advised to keep the location of their HQ super-duper-top-secret?

Still, Mutty said, “We feel like the minority that’s being discriminated against. We are being treated like pariahs everywhere we go.

A recent e-mail to the staff at the Portland diocese, forwarded to me this week by someone using the pseudonym “M. Luther,” offers this advice to the diocesan staff:

“For security reasons, please do not give the physical location of the SFMM (Stand for Marriage Maine) office to anyone. It’s imperative that no one else know the location.”

Although Mutty admitted he did send out this email, he also did not take the blame for its content, instead deflecting THAT onto his “partners-in-crime”.

Sitting Monday afternoon inside Stand for Marriage Maine’s headquarters, an unmarked office in Yarmouth, Mutty said he authorized the e-mail. The “angry mobs” reference, he said, was tongue-in-cheek and not meant for public consumption.

Asked why repeal proponents are so worried about their safety, Mutty cited “what happened in California.”

More recently, Mutty said, consultants from California who were hired to help with the Maine repeal effort have warned repeatedly that this is dangerous business and security should be of paramount concern. (They even told Mutty to install double locks on the headquarter’s doors – which he declined to do.)

Oh, the paranoia and fear runs deep within NOM… and they have long overstayed their welcome imo.

Anyways, look at what I got on this morning:

Dear Louise,

Next Wednesday, July 29, we are having the grand opening of our new campaign headquarters at 550 Forest Avenue in Portland.  

Campaign Headquarters Grand Opening

5pm to 7:30pm on Wednesday, July 29

550 Forest Avenue, Suite 101

Portland, Maine 04101

(Get Directions)

We will be serving light refreshments and it will be a great opportunity to connect with other people who support equality in Maine.  Also, you will be able to meet our campaign manager Jesse Connolly and the rest of the Southern Maine campaign team.  

We are running an inclusive campaign to protect equality in Maine, and we want to invite all people to join at this open house.  Please, come see our new campaign office and learn about what we can all do to Protect Maine Equality.  

I hope to see you there.  

Darlene Huntress

Field Director

Protect Maine Equality

THIS is how you run a campaign.  

Sorry, won’t be able to be there, Dar- but glad to let others see how all of you folks are “showing how it’s done”! :)

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