Sunday Breakfast Buffet News and A Movie

FWIW, I think coming up with titles is the VERY HARDEST PART.

But this is the business we’ve chosen…

So everything’s ready- grab a plate below and dig in!

~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~In Massachusetts, Moses finally got his for giving us only 66% of God’s original Commandments.

In California, Carlos Santana pushed for the legalization of marijuana, citing some of its benefits.

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In Washington DC the US Senate passed the President’s $3.53 trillion dollar budget.

And the March 2009 unemployment numbers came out.

Speaking of the President, the Obamas went to Europe for the G-20 summit and met with Britain’s royals.

Reports vary as to the First Lady’s visit in England- either it went very well or Michelle assaulted and cold-cocked the Queen, depending on the source.

Either way you look at it, they did see very eye-opening and different approaches to leadership roles overseas.

How some leaders view their constituents:

The occasional usefulness of those same constituents:

Enjoy your meal!

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