Friday Night News, Ignored by Most

(Getting so one can almost ignore the news UNTIL Friday, when things like this and the Troopergate info comes out…)

Cindy McCain FINALLY released her tax returns!!

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Don’t get excited, though- it’s only a PARTIAL return being released, as she “filed for extension” in 2007.  

So when ya gonna release all of it, Cindy? When Hell freezes over? Maybe that’s what caused your reptilian blood to run cold, not Barack Obama’s voting record…From MSNBC:

The McCain campaign released Cindy McCain’s tax returns late Friday afternoon, and the numbers might make Joe the Plumber blush. The beer-company executive reported income last year of nearly $4.2 million, and more than $6 million in 2006.

The campaign released four pages of returns for 2006 and 2007–and none of the other forms and schedules that generally accompany complex tax returns–after 6pm EST. It’s become a tired Washington ritual for politicians to deliver potentially embarassing news just before the weekend, when coverage typically slows.

The tax returns show Cindy McCain paid taxes of $1.1 million last year. In 2006, the potential first lady paid $1.7 million in taxes.

So much for Cindy McCain’s absolute statement to Ann Curry last May that she would never release them, as she “is not the candidate”:

Another thought: Let’s say for the sake of argument that Michelle Obama had decided not to release HER tax returns until this 11th hour. You think FauxNews would have given her a pass??

Yeah, me neither.

What bothers me isn’t the numbers represented or the extreme wealth; we all know the McCains are loaded. You can’t have 8 houses, 13 cars, even your own private jet without pulling in some major bucks. What gets me is what the timing and partial report represents: the dishonesty of the McCains and their campaign as a whole.

Will we ever see John McCain’s fully disclosed medical records? No. Why not? The refusal lends itself to speculation that there are issues that would render him unfit for the posistion as POTUS.

It’s a delicate balance here- I strongly disagree with the McCarthyesque attacks of someone like Michelle Bachmann, but I do see a real need for the full release of pertinent and relevant information to ensure we make informed decisions. John McCain’s health is certainly a valid point and Cindy, as his wife, would be privy to priviledged insider information that could illegally generate her BILLIONS.

THAT’S what is not being discussed openly. And that’s why Cindy’s full tax returns and the McCains’ investment portfolio are very much a viable discussion point. This link, btw, is from back in 2007 and shows that John McCain, before he started flying around in his wife’s jet, sure did “fly the friendly, er, LUCRATIVE skies”…

But of course, that’s all perfectly legal and on the up-and-up. Just like the Keating Five “incident”.

Read this and question. Don’t let this story get lost in the weekend shuffle…  

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