Protest Planned for Charlie Crist’s Gay Wedding Dec. 12

A half-gay wedding, anyway.  Impact Florida plans to stage a protest at the Dec. 12 wedding of Republican Gov. Charlie Crist.  Crist, a suave, confirmed bachelor as well as a vocal proponent of banning gay marriage and domestic partnerships, has been the subject of gay rumors, but the mainstream media isn't focusing on any of that — just on the irony of his celebrating marriage in light of denial of that right to Florida's gay citizens.  The organizer of the protest says that it will be “peaceful and respectful.”

The website has more extensive reporting on the planned event.

Is this a good idea?  I've heard people say that it will give ammunition to the people who say they need to “protect marriage” or that protesting a wedding is just, well, rude.  It seems to me that the irony is just too delicious and that as long as the protesters actually are “peaceful and respectful” there is a real opportunity for education of the public. 


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