Only an Epidemic of Mental Illness Can Explain the Rise of the Post Modern Republicans

The Fox/Palin/Beck/Tea Party epidemic of mental illness has gotten out of hand. Today Goldwater or Eisenhower would be unelectable for being too liberal. The responsible, traditional Republican Party has been killed by an extremist parasite that has stolen the Brand name of the Republican Party while destroying its traditional core values.

Post Modern Republicans believe that bad management will undermine our faith in governance even at the expense of undermining our economy and national security. While most politicians of either party are liars and thieves who will betray the public good in order to feather their nests, the Post Modern Republicans have something else in addition to the standard corruption. They no longer have the reference points of right and wrong, they use a Post Modern world view where right and wrong are irrelevant. They talk about a reality that simply does not exist. They claim to be better for national security and the economy. If they were simply lying they would just be politicians, but many of them actually believe this.

No Post Modern Republican should ever be able to get through a press conference or meeting without a sincere questioning of his or her sanity along the lines of, “Given the proven track record of Republicans in undermining the American system of governance, failing at national defense and managing the economy, why should we take you seriously?”. Speak truth to power, over and over again. Keep it simple; Governance, Security, Defense- The Three Post Modern Republican Pillars of Failure.


After 911 nearly the entire world sympathized with American, Post Modern Republicans destroyed that good will while failing at national security.

Post Modern Republicans went hunting for oil in Iraq instead of destroying Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Post Modern Republicans knowingly appointed an incompetent horse dealer to head up FEMA and they were all asleep at the switch as Katrina hit land.

Bush 2 and Regan were the two most vacationed presidents in modern history.

Post Modern Republican’s encourage racism. (“Otherness”, “Birthers”, Willi Hortin, McCain’s “Black Baby” slander)

Bush’s Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, resigned after the political firing of several Assistant Attorney Generals.

Post Modern Republicans reveled the identity of an undercover CIA agent as an act of political revenge (Valerie Plame).

Bush spent tax payer money to fly to an aircraft carrier that was only 30 miles off shore as part of his “Mission Accomplished” publicity stunt.

Defense and National Security

Post Modern Republicans were asleep at the switch on the eve of 911. They ignored repeated warnings, including that delivered in the 8/6/01 presidential briefing, that Bin Laden wanted to strike.

Bush invaded Afghanistan and failed, leaving a mess behind for others to deal with.

Bush invaded Iraq and failed, leaving a mess behind for others to deal with.

Under Regan, the first Post Modern Republican president, 241 US Servicemen were slaughtered in Beirut. Regan chose to cut and run rather than defend the interests and honor of America. Shortly thereafter he invaded Grenada.


Bush and the Post Modern Republicans inherited a large surplus and turned it into a deficit over night. He cut taxes and increased government spending.

Regan was the first President since WWII to oversee a real increase (%GDP) in the deficit. He cut taxes and increased government spending.

Post Modern Republicans delivered massive corporate welfare to their buddies on Wall Street through the 1998 TARP program, who continued to collect massive bonuses.

Post Modern Republicans in the 1980’s deregulated the Savings and Loan industry, triggering a collapse and subsequent government bailout

When the Post Modern Republicans are in power typical Americans see their standard of living drop.

Bush tried to Privatize Social Security

Given the proven track record of Republicans in undermining the American system of governance, failing at nation defense and managing the economy, why would anyone take them seriously? Only an epidemic of metal illness can explain this.

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