Are the Republicans looking more like Republicans lately? Uranium?

Republicans are more right, more dense and more united. Uranium.

A quiz: what’s more heavy? Is it a pound of feathers, or a pound of uranium?

Take it for granted that Republicans are closing ranks, and enforcing discipline. The Republicans will follow the party line.

But there’s other things I need to say. There’s less Republicans. Remember Bush? So does everyone. Second, the Republicans have moved to the right. Just like Obama/ Rahm Emmanuel moved to the right, the Republicans moved to the right.

Please correct me, but I believe I have never seen the Republicans so far right in my lifetime. Right of Reagan, Bush… Right of Mr. Burns from Simpsons? Right?

Thanks for reading my blog. I got nothing but to compare the Republicans to Uranium. A dense hunk that moves the political scales so far right. Hell they are even excited about it. Now we have to excited voters about voting "center right" or "Obama right." No?

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