Have You a New, Rested, Ready Santorum Campaign Slogan?

Rick Santorum (R-Frothy Mixture) already has a Google problem, but now he also has a campaign slogan problem. And he isn’t even actually running for president quite yet! His campaign slogan, “Fighting To Make America America Again” not only twice cites the first name of an actress who starred in “Ugly Betty” and most recently played an undocumented nanny on “The Good Wife,” it also derives from a poem by Langston Hughes, a fan of gay sex:

Speaking in New Hampshire, Rick Santorum was tripped up a bit when a student asked him if he knew that the choice of his campaign slogan, “Fighting to make America America again,” was borrowed from the “pro-union poem by the gay poet Langston Hughes,” the New Hampshire Union Leader reports.

Santorum (the former Republican Senator) was later unsure if that was actually his campaign slogan:

When asked a short time later what the campaign slogan meant to him, Santorum said, “well, I’m not too sure that’s my campaign slogan, I think it’s on a web site.”

As the Union Leader points out, though:

It was also printed on the campaign literature handed out before the speech.

The unnamed “student” who asked Ricky the Langston Hughes question was, of course, intrepid ThinkProgress reporter Lee Fang, who adds this notch to his belt already crowded with GOP gaffes, including Herman Cain’s promise not to appoint a Muslim to his (!) Cabinet.

But back to Ricky: that Gay Slogan isn’t gonna cut it. I mean, it leads right back to Santorum’s Google problem, what with Langston Hughes being a fan and all. Not of Santorum, mind you, but perhaps of santorum.

So let’s help Ricky out! Put your Slogan2.0 ideas in the comments.

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