Gibbs on Warren at the White House: “She Was Here”

Robert Gibbs goes way out on a limb to discuss the meeting David Axelrod had with Elizabeth Warren at the White House, last question in Friday’s press "conference" which lately seem to be Gibbs’ attempts at stand-up.

"Obviously, look — obviously, she WAS here."

No personnel announcements on this position in the coming week, Gibbs says. So, The Professional Left, you get another week to pummel the president over appointing Liz Warren to head the office she imagined that’s now been signed into law.

I wonder what other horrors, whether at Gitmo or Bagram or via drone in Pakistan, or perhaps closer to home in the Gulf, this Administration has planned for the coming week that they want The Professional Left’s focus to be on Elizabeth Warren’s appointment, or nomination, or non-appointment. Will Obama appoint her? Should he appoint her? Why hasn’t he appointed her?

Is Liz Warren’s nomination & appointment becoming the bright shiny thing we’re supposed to pay attention to while other, much more nefarious things, like the 75th anniversary of Social Security for instance, are slipped over the transom on News Dump Friday without any comment whatsoever?

"She WAS here."

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