This Week is Pledge Week

Hey progressive congresscritters — in case you were wondering, this is the week the pledge you made matters. Remember last summer, when you were all fired up and pledged to vote against any health care reform that lacked Public Option?

Well, this week is the vote we were all talking about. Sure, it was fun to prance around last summer, collecting money for your stand-up pledge. Sure, it sounded great that you were so down with Public Option that you’d vote against any bill that didn’t have one. Sure, last summer was a long time ago.

But now is the time. This week is the vote we were asking about. This week is the vote you made your pledge about. This is the vote your pledged a "NO" vote if health care lacked a public option.


When we asked you to take the pledge on Public Option, this is the vote we were talking about.

This is Public Option Pledge Week.

You knew that, right?

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