You Gotta Give ‘Em Shame

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch flatters himself to think people care about his sex life. Mr Mayor, it’s your identity we care about — and the shame you radiate in not coming out at 84.

From today’s NYT pre-obit:

(For the record, Mr. Koch, a lifelong bachelor, declines to say whether he is gay. “I do not want to add to the acceptability of asking every candidate, ‘Are you straight or gay or lesbian?’ and make it a legitimate question, so I don’t submit to that question. I don’t care if people think I’m gay because I don’t answer it. I’m flattered that at 84 people are interested in my sex life — and, it’s quite limited.”)

Let’s hope some gay wheelchair-bound kid in Minnesota doesn’t read this article and think, "Since the 84-year-old former Mayor of the greatest city in the world is too ashamed to come out, I guess my parents are right: I must be a sick pervert."

Way to go, Mr Mayor — you gotta give ’em shame, just like Harvey Milk never said.

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